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hey I'm vanac,
I used to be (or tried to be) a flash animator. but because I'm not good at drawing with a mouse and was to lazy to scan, I started to use sprites in my animations and so I started spriting and came into a few spriting sites and forums wich eventualy led me here.
my hobbies are spriting,and being a metal fan.
I'm still a student and I've only done a few different jobs
I'm from belgium so don't kill me if make some spelling or grammar flaws
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    Neil Van Acoleyen
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sadly I've been to inactive lately as a spriter to be able to enter, not that ever had enough skill anyway Still I'm looking forward to this.
here's the cavalry
well atleast they have an opening of a phew sec...nevermind
getting cheap shotted so soon
bugs bunny is without a doubt the best in baseball I still remember that old episode where he on his own beat a whole team ah nostalgia
oh hey look my first appearance and again it's related to bombing a city XD
a great way to find something and to piss off some off your partners
I think I know who these 6 people are
good to see this is still up and running
taht's just pure awesome, very good sprites that tripple fusion is pretty damn cool. man I wish I could sprite the way you do
if you want another cameo I'd like to give you my advance sprites (old and new)
oh well I geuss this was inevitable. Sadly I wans't able to live up to my promises of updating as soon as I got back from Vietnam but oh well, I geuss I'm game for the cameos
I'm currently in vietnam on a holiday and for this reason it's actualy impossible for me to post any update. I'm really sorry I was planning on updating once before I left but I simply forgot [my bad]
I can still come online so any of you guys that wants to update in my place just pm me okay
where did you find that background of kamina city man it's awesome
well there's another reason why it's taking so long for this comic to move to the main big plot line is only a select few arthors actualy know what this main plot line is all about.And the rest is waiting for updates that reveal this plot line.
not to much of an update but still I've added afew more poses and started working on some alt. costumes (cloaked + heavy criminal restraints)
heh I just noticed that when you look at the panel where eclipes kickes some theeth out ,you can easly at c-c-c-combo-breaker above it
phew I made this comic while studying for my finals, talk about multi-tasking ^-^
anyway for thos who don't know that chain around V's neck is actualy an energy restraining device (he nicknamed it the 'drainer') for he uses his excess body and life energy to fight using to much can be lethal. in order to stop that from happening he decided to put that chain on and tried to aviod using it

anyway next one is on you chaos ^^
haha thanks ult we should spar sometimes then ^_^

yea sig you and green just let me know what you have planed. I love working with green so yea just keep me updated