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Okay so...... about me...... ummmmm....... well


BWAH HA HA HA HA HA *cough* I mean....... "there isn't much to say about myself" ^^'

If you guys ever wonder where the hell I am or what I'm working on feel free to visit my blog
it's a sketch based blog so there should be pleanty of pics xD
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OKAY!!! So a year is a long enough time to be a butt and not explain anything.

Basically life is the easy explanation XD however, if you really wanna go into detail: I've dealt with a lot of personal crap that I'm not gonna spend hours explaining because it's personal crap and I'm still not fully over it :'D


And it's going to be better, SO MUCH BETTER!!!! However, it shall also be on a new account. I intend to start again from the start because there is so much more I could have done with it. FULL COLOUR PAGES and actual detail!!! (backgrounds too OMG)

There are (and always were) 4 stories in Debt and the above picture shows off the main couples in each!

Picking Apples

Though I can't give you an exact update schedule at this current time, I CAN tell you that I will begin posting pages within the next week!

I'll post another announcement when the first page is up so y'all can follow it, if you still wish to.

Thank you all so much for your patience and for not killing me for a year of no updates. I hope to see you all there when this begins again.
I love you all!
<3 prepare yourselves for smut <3
I am a big ball of suck
OKAY SO.... #NotDead
I'm really sorry this is taking me so long guys and I really appreciate how patient y'all are being with me.
I'm hoping to have the re-release of this sometime in late January/early February and let me tell you a thing: the stories are SO MUCH BETTER! like seriously! Kaoru and Shinji have had a little story re-make too but not too much for it to be DRASTICALLY different to what you've already read on them.
The first update I do of this will (hopefully) be a few chapters (hence why there'll be a delay in them actually being posted) taking us up to/past the point we already are... this first update will also have me deleting the previous pages. If you ever want to see the old pages though just ask and I'll send you a link to them or something.
ahhh okay I've rambled on for long enough. Feel free to ask me some questions about them in the mean time and I'll try to answer as many questions as I can (without giving away major spoilers).
AGAIN a massive thank you to you all for being so patient with me <3
I suck and am taking a longer time than I thought... but I promise it's coming soon OTL please don't hate me, it's coming back I SWEAR TO GOD!!!! <3
p.s. Kaoru is still a dumbass
heh two years hu? wow...
OKAY!!! So here's what's been happening.
I have been at university it's a two year course and is just coming to an end. Naturally this has taken up a shit load of my time. Not only this but other projects have been coming into my head (namely for magical-girl series') HOWEVER!!!!! I really REALLY miss this comic and so shall be starting it back up from SCRATCH! My art style has changed so much that I don't think I can just continue it. I will put all previous work into a sub chapter at the beginning (or wherever) and start again. The story will still be the same but there will obviously be some differences in Character design, speech and page layout. I shall try and get up all of the character designs asap, but please be patient with me as I start this up again. I've missed you all so much and I hope that most of you will be happy with this information ^u^ see you all again very soon <3
:3 Replies :3
@MonMonNom: tee hee all in good time, all in good time ¬w¬
:3 Replies :3
@xXJESSEXMUFFINSXx: haha for a cheap motel room it aint half bad xDD >u< and thank you so much <3

@samanthasdog1231: O///u///O aww thank you >u< that makes me feel so much better about it
(> ^U^ )>

@MonMonNom: awwwwwwww thank you so so much QuQ you guys are all so lovely <3 LOL ANNNNNNNNNNNGST SO MUCH ANGST xDDDDD

@RainbowRandomness:weeeeeeeee eeee o( O u O )o I must be doing something right then xDD ... though don't diiiiiiiie ;O;
:3 Replies :3
@JULIE-P: whaaaaaaa why they yelling? DDD: is it because you're there like "no noooooo don't get yourself killed! GET UP DAMNIT!!!"..... cos I am xDDDD
:3 Replies :3
@samanthasdog1231: >u< YAY HUGGGGGGS *glomps*
:3 Replies :3
@samanthasdog1231: yup he's a meanie ;___;

@wicked kisameru: teen love is horiible xD and it doesn't get any better lmao 8D luckilly in Yaoi there is always some random dude just around the corner lmaooooo
so I'm trying to give this a makeover

I don't want it to be a sketchy as it is any more and my style has also changed OTL

this is a good thing though.... it means that I'll be able to give you guys a better quality, full colour, Yaoi haha

but it does also mean that it'll take longer to create the pages

I'm really sorry it's taking me so long to get all this done ;___;

until this page is done have a wip of it :'D

yup in the new style Haji gets a pair of glasses xDD he wasn't going to before lmao

I love you guys and thank you so much for being so patient with me <3
ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
OTL I've had this page half ready for over a week now ;____; I just haven't finished it because I got distracted with other projects and anime XDDD seriously guys I am hooked on Sket Dance!!!!!!! if you don't know what this anime is then OMG go and watch it/read the manga it is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

anywho, I'll try and get another page done today ^^ in the mean time enjoy Hajime in the red room xDD

Yup Kaito left him and drove home xDD
I'm sorry this page sucks
gah I don't think I can draw lately >___> kinda losing it with this story too to be honest buuuuut here's the plan:

Basically yeah
People who know me already know what's coming xD the rest of you shall have to wait until next friday =w=

I'm thinking of starting up "THE GREAT UKE BATTLE" what's this you say? oh you didn't.... well I'll tell you anyway... basically you guys vote for the character you'd most like to see all uke :'D (the character can be one of the semes) I know there's only four characters atm but when the other 2 stories kick in you'll have a pleantiful cast to choose from XDDD so go go go vote vote vote (in the comments below) :3 enjooooooooooy the fun I'm gonna go record walking on sunshine now =w= toodle-pips xx
man this page >___>
I should really start planing pages again OTL

For anyone who tends to skip over words and just look at the picture: sorry it's a wordy page XD

Good old Kaito ruining the mood.

ps. I don't like this page ¬_¬ I could have/should have done a better job on it, but my sis is playing Zelda and I'm like hnnnnnnnnnnng *eyes glued to the screen* XD fun fact: I prefer watching people playing games to actually playing them myself :'D like amnesia =¬= I could watch amnesia playthroughs ALL day long!!!
;____; this page took me way too long
oh man no comments on the last page made me worry like hell... did you guys not like the page? should I have stuck with angst rathar than derp ;_____; I have so many doubts about it... gonna put it down to paranoia

OKEEEEEEEY so here's the coloured page I promised :'D It's lit by a red lamp... they haven't just suddenly gone pink xD
buuuut here's the angst that would have been on the last page....
oh my dear sweet motherfucking GOD
this page has been my death bed xDDD

I have a really bad cold and I haven't been feeling draw-y at all :'D this page has actually been sketched up for a while now but it was completely different and angst-ridden xDD now it's just derpy.... ^^; blame it on the cold?

We will be having people staying with us and so I won't be able to get to the comp to draw xD sorry about that but I'll try and do a doubble update or a coloured update or something to make up for it xD

Anywho, enjoy derpy flailing Hajime :3 and see you friday after next xx
@RainbowRandomness: >///< *dies in puddle of blush* aww you're too sweet <3

>D and yes, more sluuuuuuuutysluttyslutslut 8D
@Andrea C.Castro: >u< awww thank you tee hee glad it pleases and weeeeeee omg sure OuO *goes and checks it out*

@RainbowRandomness: xDDDDDD lmaooooooo he is indeedy ¬W¬ and it gets more evident just how slutty he is later on >D awwwwww thank you so much >////< I'm glad you guys like it <3

@Bookworm24601: xD lol indeed he is ¬w¬ he's a slutty slutty sluuuuuuuuut xDDD

@LadyRed: olkjhgfdxcvbn xD all of this manga is based on rp's well the 4th story is only kinda based on one :'D I lost my rp partner though so... yeah xD awww thank you I'm glad the page turned out okay >___> I was really worried.

@Bookworm24601: xD I have to interject :'D it's not the seme from the first story ^^; two completely different characters in this story. :'D it'll all make more sense later on in this story, but Kaito (teacher guy) is a real ass. >///< awwww thank you though :'D nooooo don't shuuuuuuuuun *hugs* :'D just getting comments make me feel all fuzzy inside >u<
okay so I've been working on this page for like 12 fucking hours and now I'm exhausted OTL
I KNOW it doesn't look like the result of 12 hours but I swear to GOD I wanna kill it XDDD

also also also duuuuuuudes I have a job now ^^; so if I don't update regularilly that's probably why xD

also this seme's name is Kaito xDDD just thought I'd mention that as I probably won't for the rest of the chapter because I am lame like that :'D Hajime is a slut too!!! <3333

anywho peace out XD
March 12th, 2012
lkjhgfdxszxcvbnm *dies from adorable-ness*