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I'm a writer, not a comic artist, but I made an account so I could co-author A Night Without Armor [] drawn by AidenRocker18. So why don't you check it out or go to [] to read more! Thank You, Rocki-San
Geeeeeez! Take forever!
Keno's jammies look very comfy...
Da Moon
I just wanted to make it clear that the first few pages have a moon.... with the cover page it's a surrealistic moon.
Because this is a post-apocalyptic world the sky is so polluted that the moon is rarely seen, just so you know.
So we decided that once in a while small glimpses can be seen... but it's so rare it's almost like Hailey's Comet!
Yaaaay! It's about time! (Just kidding!)
And yes... you did it fine :3
*sigh* It's a post-apocalyptic world dearest sister...
Happiness in the form of a visible moon, sun and sky is not allowed! Get with the program! lol
Um...Your not supposed to see the moon... or sky.. or sun... remember? It's all polluted clouds? We've discussed this before Brittney dearest... the cover page is just surrealistic.... you remember this....
right? haha