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Water water everywhere.
Love Zoi in the first panel. So pretttttyyyy. As for his shirt, my first reaction was "Hey! It's Marilyn!" but Madge keeps popping in my head too. Maybe it's Madonna pretending to be Marilyn Monroe? ;)
There is no emoticon that can fully express my shock! Wow, I totally didn't see HER coming! I can't wait for the next page!!!
One sister down, three to go. Time now for Petz to show up, grab Sapphire, strip him of his argyle, and have her merry way with him. :)

So 4KH is having a birthday- or birthing-day more accurately. I know exactly what it can spawn- uh, sire. VENUS/KUNZITE SEXY GOODNESS! OR JUST KUNZITE SEXY GOODNESS! OR JUST KUNZITE! I'M NOT PICKY! I ALSO LIKE TO TYPE IN CAPS FOR EMPHASIS!!1!ONE!

...That is all.
You know, I want to have faith in our Neph and believe that he'll compliment Mako on her cooking (or something else that won't get his ass kicked), but...I'm not going to hold out hope.

I LOVE the generic-manga-non-bishie-middle-management guy! So funny!

And I might foresee a problem, or at least some very awkward situations, when Zoisite sees Diamond come home dressed like a cop. o_O ...He might ask for a lap dance...
LOL MEALCHAN! "Jadeite got run over by an Airplane"!

I can also totally see Minako pulling something like this with Kunzite. Just snatch him into a bush after stalking him all the way home from the grocery store. lol~
Mmm...Sexy!Kunzite made my day. :3

Kill Mamoru? Really Dimande? Is Sexy!Kunzite gonna have to slap a bitch?
I reply to the reply.
Linz: Well, you know you have to draw the rest of the Shintennou in their hygiene routines for us too.

YEEEESSSS! OMGYES! NEKKID!KUNZITE! :3 You do that, Frizzy, and I love you long time.

Oh! And you need to show Dimande during his five minute shower at four in the morning. Mamoru needs to be standing outside the door(in the bunny slippers) tapping his foot like an impatient mother with a stop-watch in his hands screaming "One minute and forty six- forty FIVE seconds to go!" :D
I blame all the nasty smells in my house on Nephrite, too.

And I actually thought the montage was very funny- not only do we see Zoi spending his allotted hour in the bathroom, but Ami, too! Odd bathing position and all... Did she read all those books in one bath?

I can't decide whether Rei looks more like she's pondering the meaning of life or if she just looks like a badass Madame. I'm thinking the latter. HELLO NEKKID!MAKOTO! And Mina, darling, I adore you and your Mother Issues. Try OxyClean, btw, Mrs. Aino.

Oh, Usagi. You're naivety would be your downfall if it weren't your series. :P And last, but not least, IT'S LUNA! :D
Frizzy, my dear, I've just had a stroke of genius. GENIUS! Kunzite should get a a Shakespearean actor! Right? Right? I mean, he's already got the dialogue down. Seriously, the only time I ever say "Hark" is at Christmas when I'm singing carols. :S

Also, I think Mamoru should start listing out everything Dimande can't do in his house.

...Actually, it would probably be better if he listed out everything that Dimande COULD do instead. I would make for a much shorter list, methinks. A TEE HEE HEE!
I think Nephrite just sold me on the font.


...If I were them, I'm not sure I'd want to eat any dinner Zoisite made that left his apron looking like that... :S
Very cute page! I'd hate to see Mamoru's reaction when Jadeite goes home with lumps on his noggin' and a tea-scalded face. :S

About the font...hmmm...I'm not so sure. I reserve judgement until I can see more.