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Kunzite waking was HILARIOUS. Serious guard Kunzite is always on duty.

What is this?! Mina won't be able to transform?! GIVE US THE THIRD PAGE, DAMMIT!

(By the way, I've always loved how you draw Setsuna...)
Seriously, that last panel was absolutely stunning. Her back facing him, her hair blowing in the wind... it's so damn pretty, and the impact is absolutely huge, especially with the bomb she's just dropped on him. I don't know what's going on with her but it's damnably intriguing and I cannot wait until the next part.

I want to see Kunzite's reaction, because he did not know about Minako's deeper, more substantial self. And now it seems like she remembers EVERYTHING. How very interesting.

I have to applaud you for this page, the dialogue, the art, everything about it. I think this is my favourite page yet. I even like all the little back dot thingies, they add gritty character to the scene.

I hope everything's ok with your personal issues and I am so glad you're back.

This was awesome.
AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! The image of Kunzite eating ice cream in his uniform is hilarious!!!!!! Everyone else is in normal clothes, dude! De-transform already XD

I so want to know what is going on. What was taken?!

Brilliantly drawn, as always. I can't wait for the next update.


Oh my gosh! He's drinking coffee! Not eating ice cream! It appears Kunzite is too cool for ice cream ^_^
Are you kidding?!
Oh my gosh! I had to go back a panel to check, he was after Minako from the beginning! Her eyes were all unfocused!!!

KUNZITE! YOU IDIOT! He obviously did not learn from his past life! He's going to feel soooo guilty now! And when Minako gets better (that better be a 'when' not an 'if' Frizzy), I wonder if he's going to finally learn his lesson, care about Minako and sleep with her, hence winning the bet, or if he's going to be all distant with everyone because he thinks he's a useless guardian...

This page is so well drawn, I think it's one of my favourites - the anguish in Kunzite's face at realising he's failed Minako and fallen into a trap, the desperation on poor Usagi's face, the scary blankness in Minako's eyes! This is angst captured at its best!

Oh, I hope this gets resolved soon!

What a heart cage, by the way, you'd expect Minako's to be pretty, golden and girly. You've done a great job with this one Frizzy!!!
Oh my gosh!
He transformed!!!!! And that looks like a key with the Earth symbol! And it went straight through him! What is going on Frizz?! What the heck is happening?!

And he jumped in front of Venus!!! Which is so sweet!

Can I also say that I love this panel so much, his uniform is so spot on and the fear/confusion on his face? Brilliant.

I am SO intrigued!! Damn this is an awesome comic.


Haha! Aw, poor Minako, of course dear, you are totally up to date with the latest in American trends and fashion... She tries so hard, you can't fault her for it. Hehe. 'love-love date' I think that term is hilarious.

I cannot wait to see what kind of havoc these guys are going to wreck across the city. This is brilliant.

And as a side note, Kunzite doesn't remember Helios?! So it appears that he doesn't remember everything about his past yet... ooohhhh how interesting!



My money's on Mako/Neph, that boy is just trying so damn hard, you can't let such dedication and sheer stick-to-it-iveness go unrewarded.
Oh! You poor thing! I hope you're better.

This page would be so cute and wonderful were it not for the heart-wrenching phrase at the bottom of the top panel and the major look of pain-y angst on Kunzite! This is simply a wonderful page with those wonderful memories just begging to be explored *hint hint nudge nudge*.
Haha, I'm sorry, I don't know if it's the same in the Land Down Under, but in the UK, some of us use the term 'Morning Glory' to refer to Morning Wood and the way Endymion's hands were positioned... well, thoughts travelled through that dirty path, and then I saw that he was a kid! Whoops....
Oh my gosh, happy (belated) anniversary!!!!! I can't believe it's been an entire year!

Congratulations and celebrations! Keep up the brilliant, amazing and hilarious work that you do. We love you for it! ^_^
Oh my gosh! These pages have been turning me into mush! Poor Saffir! But at least he's happy that he gets to see her again!

And poor Pluto, you show that I'm-going-to-be-alone-forever sadness in her so well!

And is that who I think it is!? HFG DFGjdghkjkdjv z !!!"%R$&RP0!!!!!! b

Woah. Didn't see that one coming! What is going on?
Neph = Boobies

I am actually dreading what he is planning on saying... And worse, this line: "Maybe she won't b so violent in public" leads me to believe that something huge and embarrassing is going to happen. And does he not realise how creepy he looks hanging around a school and waiting for a busty student?!

He's so useless, I like how he says 'everything I've tried' like he's done so very much.

I'm really liking the ink, it's a much cleaner look, definitely worth the wait.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think there's a more perfect job out there for him. That is absolute brilliance!

And I love how he just simply will not compromise his standards for anything or anyone.

Poor Saffir...
First of all, nice save Jade. That was close.

I think those girls are crazy, like absolutely INSANE!!!

And your art is amazing, but if you want to take more time to improve, go ahead. We'll wait patiently (kind of) ^_^
Jade is surrounded by crazies. I'd be freaked out by now. What the hell did that girl do with the yo-yo?! Back away slowly.

Also, I love how Kotono comes out all hot and bad ass with his personal info only to like "blood type...Uh, shit, play it cool, uh, unknown."

Also, they, including Jadeite, all love Rei, why is he not using this to his advantage.
I did not know those characters existed. They freak me out. And what the heck is that girl on the left wearing?

I'm worried for poor Jade.

And I don't know what it is, but the art on this page is particularly good...
Aw! Jeddy-boy, you try and come off as been a smooth operator but when it comes down to it, you're Rei's whipping boy.

And what the heck?! Where did he go?! My money's on Mina.
The problem with this Easter hunt Frizz is that since there are elusive eggs, I've had to search the site several times. And in doing so, I've been using it as an excuse to re-read the comic. This in turn has highlighted the fact that I haven't commented nearly enough on it. Trust me, I've been following it avidly and I will continue to do so, and unfortunatley for you, you're now going to be spammed full of my comments! Mwahahahaha!!! *cough cough*