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Aurora Wolfe
Hi I'm Wolfe. I Love Wolves, Furries And Most Music. I Enjoy Drawing And Viewing Art.

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Enjoy ^^
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I'm not Letting it die, I'm writing the story out novel form, and then remaking the comic from scratch. Though, Progress is slow admittedly
Aurora Wolfe
October 23rd, 2011
I came across this comic because I did a collab with TenshiKahaku, And I've gotta say, I love it!
Well For One Thing Are You Being Sarcastic? 2. He's Not A Recolour, Different Hair, Different Clothes, Different Shoes.
Yay!, You Got Me Right ^^, You Hear Me Zak!?!?
Then He'd Be Bald Sonic
I'd Be Standing In The Corner 2 >.<, Ur Not Alone Lakie ><
Madness? This Is Sparta!
Umreon Is My Fave, But Yea He's Cool
Gd Idea ^^ Ill Upload Mine :P
Um, I Can Try lol
Yah I Noticed That After I Did It :L Ah Well, I Love That Film
Tits And Blood...Damn You Got Me :L
Elfen Lied Is Kick Ass!! :P