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Freshman at Montclair State University, majoring in Animation and Illustration. Loves rock and techno music, particularly J-rock (favorites being Gackt, Ellegarden, Miyavi, Utada Hikaru, and a few others). Loves Japanese anything, food, culture, comics, language (is currently enrolled in beginnging japanese 2) and plans to travel to Japan (most likely junior year)

New artwork can be found at, while older artwork can be found at
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    Meghan O'Leary
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And so i bring you the conclusion to this story :) Now to go back and make some edits and draw a cover image before I get it printed :)
almost there!
We are almost at the end guys!!! Next step is going back to fix a few mistakes, maybe re-draw a panel or two, then figure out how to get it printed for the Senior Gallery show at the end of the year
spring break blues
uggghhh ok so i didnt update last week and i am late this week cuuuuz i went to Disney World for spring break XD had tons of fun and i met WILL WHEATON! XD

aaannnnd now im getting a cold. the shock of going from 75-80 degrees to snow will do that to ya D:

anyway heres a new page!! only 2 or 3 more left!
Almost done!
WOW! An update in the afternoon?! I'm getting better at this hahah!

Not too much left now you guys! just a couple pages! Then I will post some single illustrations (cover image and what not) plus an awesome piece of fan art I received from a friend! And it will all be included in the print version :)
yay timely update!
enjoy guys :)

side note i have the rest of the pages planned out and update will bring me to the end of March, and since I don't want to just stop so early, i am going to try to work on an epilogue or short 1-page side stories or something, and definitely some full illustrations :)
*phew* Katsucon too alot more out of me then i though it would. Still recovering from it all, but here! have the next page! we are about 1/2 way done with the story!
On time yay!!
Hey guys! told you i would get the hang of my schedule :) yay timely update! Now next weekend is Katsucon so the next page might be delayed til Monday
Edit All colored!!
Yay! All colored. sorry I'm falling behind, but this week I should be able to update on Sunday properly :)
uuggghhh art block ><
so i have a terrible case of art block right now >< It took me twice as long to try to get this much of the page done.

Before this goes to print I will add the backgrounds, re-draw the top right panel (OMG its so terrible OTL) and fis up anything else that need it. but for now here is the page and the dialogue to keep the story going
On time!
Yay! page on time :)

My next (and last D: ) semester of school starts on Tuesday, hopefully i can keep up with Friday uploads, but I may push upload day back to Saturday or Sunday depending on my work load, what with being in NYC at Marvel 3 days a week for my internship :)
ta-daa! page 7 :)
Sorry I'm so late!
The holidays and the cold weather hit me in the face an I'm pretty sick right now. But i finished page 6, and page 7 is on the way!
yay dialouge!
Finally getting into the story :) I hope you like it!
Page 4!
yay page 4! ... not much else to say haha :)
Page 3!
Here ya go! so it's late tonight With the end of the semester winding down, i've go all these other final projects to work on as well, PLUS all the plushies people have bought from me
Page 2! sorry for delay!
Sorry for the delay with this page guys! Thanksgiving and me being sick push this back a few pages >< but page 3 is almost ready to be colored! so pages 3 will definitely be on time!

AAHH i totally forgot to fix the color of his hair in the first panel >< I'll go back and fix that soon!
Finally Here!
Yay! Page one is finally uploaded! "Colorful Wishes" will now be updated every Friday :) Be sure to check back every week!
totes saw this coming >:) YAY!
also, the delmar's vaudeville site isnt working! :(
poor kitty :( *runs to donate* hope everything goes well! <3