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I didn't abandon this comic!
I want it to be really good, like I no it should be so I will be working and tweeking it as much as I can. However because of school and such that time is a commodity.
But I have made a tumblr if you want to follow the development of the story. (it is still new, like brand new so beware as I change stuff around)
But yeah. Thank you all for sticking with me!
SO yay!
I drew this to let you know that since I found a wonderful software for Mac that works with my new tablet this story will be running really soon!

Without giving too much away this is Edna before she died. She grew up watching Star Trek (she was born around 1955) and is a true Trekkie to the core. So here she is dressed as Spock for a convention. This is also the time she was grounded for 3 months for cutting her hair to match.
I got the new tablet...
But because my new computer is a MAC I can't get PaintTool SAI, and the other programs available are crap with pressure sensitivity. I will try GIMP as a last resort (I don't do GIMP first because installing it on a MAC is just a large headache.
So, hopefully this will only take a week or two to sort out and then I can start drawing up pages for Chapter 1.
Also, in the mean time a friend and I are working on a rather ridiculous comic that is still in the works but I hope that you all will read it as well when it come up.
But thank you for sticking with me and hopefully by the end of next week I can get these pages going!
Here to help tide you over till my tablet comes some old concept art of Eliza and Edna. Edna never really changed much, but Eliza went through some mild changes.
I had a really good idea of what I wanted them to look like so they didn't really change much.
Will I ever be satisfied with a comic cover...
I guess not.
Lemon Head
I missed him. He is just so happy about that Dark Overlord. XD
What they said...
Just take some time and work on getting well! I did hear from friends that the country does do something to make you feel better physically and mentally. :)
I almost choked on my drink. XD This was sooo left to what I was expecting.
Hypnos reminds me of myself everyday at school. XD
Sorry for the long wait. I started my little Gallery classes again and I signed up for a ACT prep class.
But pages should be coming at a regular basis on I guess Saturdays or Sundays. ^__^
Special Effects!!!
Remember kids...
try to be on time. :)
@ Amante
No, it's just Thyme's arms crossed and her hands together. Poppy is doing something completely different. When I get the chance I'll add the bottom. I thought I had enough room at the start.
The Angels
The Angel (left)Poppy and (right)Thyme!
Because how can you not have a story about demons with out adding angels!

Thyme: "Stop interupting me, I'm trying to call the BOSS."

Poppy: "You're taking too long! Why not calling him direct! We have the extention.

Oh and by the way because the bottom part of Thyme's arms are cut off in this they normaly criss-cross their arms to reach their BOSS (i.e. God) It kind of marks their message to Heaven as from an Angel rather than a human.
So Thyme has her arms crossed and her hands placed together to try make a call.
I just love that dragon. XD If I knew how to sew I would make a plushie out of it.
My friend's sister used to do that when she was little and wanted attention. XD More like Deja Vu to me. XD
I love how that thing taps her on the shoulder kinda like "Pardon me Miss." XD
What Kanilla Maxwell's icon says. "oh shit" XD
And your monster is great.
This is a almost start to the new story!
I gave Matilda bangs because her part was just looking funny everytime I drew her.
But yeah...enjoy!
Yeah this is a original concept for Matilda, the main character of this story. This was actually a character I made a detective and she was running around after this killer who was dating her son (but she didn't know). That project died soon enough but I loved the design and stuck with it for Matilda, because it seems to fit her personality some.