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November 27th, 2012
I swear i cannot get enough of thisXD I must reread now!!!
yes me so happy your not giving up on this one cause it's really good and we all want to finish it so bad!!!i cant wait till it gets published me willz buy a copyX3
omg i luv this page i bet rina is a fan girl right cant wait for the next page so glad you have been updating more been waiting for new pages since like foreverX3
cant wait chapter 3 to come outXDi had to read this comic like 10 extra times lol
poor mac he is way too hot for toki lolXD WHATO O???Rinas coming back already
r u gonna continue this comic?it's really brilliant so far and me and a few friends have been watching to see if you were gonna update???
hard question to answer i like both of them for differnt reasons.
grey for his emotionally unavailable state at the current momment but i also feel bad for him to have lost some family.
charlie for his smexyness lol but he also seems to be hiding a darker past as well and the makes a interesting mind for me to think about i like the one i like most would have to be charlie
yay an update been waiting for this i agree poor grey but i get the feeling i wont be saying that for too long
alot of people feel sorry for ash but i feel sorry for pikachu cause he was not orginally human so he wasn't ever taught how to handle his emotions or urgers but i kinda like it
this is an awesome somic i wish u would update again though=(
rejected ouch lol^^
lmao haha sunny got drunk poor kid
i hate librarys lmao^^not a failure=)
my own family is against me LMAO^^
i luv AK's fur
k heres the link
the end of an awesome comic i luv and will read it again i know it the thing i luv most about it is that is represents the real world
ok i finished it and posting it tomorrow
yay an update aww poor mac u know what he wanted.
awesome my fav combo neko girl with awesome power please make more=)