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-snorts- O_o..... -akward cough-
...*cricket noises*
Er...I....Dont know my natural hair color anymore. I think its...dark blonde. Have blue eyes. 5'3". Average weight for my height.
Love Anime/manga and Fiction/fantasy to read, Nick at Night to watch, and Heavy Metal and techno rock music. Love music!...weird combo I sue me. heh

I like to Draw in my spare time. Im not as good as my friend, Meri-chan. But She got a head start. Hah. Im trying...don't hurt me ;_;
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Ok. Page 6 and 7 are my first attempts at Toning by myself. So be gentle. Im just learning.
I'll get better I promise. Hah.
And all of this may sound random. But its basically just our jokes at life. A plot will slowly develop and you all will catch on. XD
Thanks to everyone who reads!
~Love Bunny~
Umm...Yeah. Hi! Im the Co-author! Bunny (tabbi...Naru...whatever).
Im not as good as Moon-san. But im improving little by little, and i try my hardest! So don't hurt me. hah.
This particular one was drawn by hand, and Moon-san fixed it up for me on ArcSoft Photostudio. Because I'm still learning how to use it myself.
you guys enjoy!
Just thought I would drop by and say, Yo! Im the co-author!
Hope everyone enjoys our lil comic. And Moon-chan is MUCH better at drawing and toning than me, so I know you all will be thankfull when its her turn to draw a chapter. Hah.
Hope you all enjoy though!