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I'm a webcomic maker, who's terribly obsessed with art and kendo >D

I'm currently not updating any comics, as you can see. I'm working hard on a secret re-vamping, so look forward to it ;)
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    Miss Saki
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@artisticveganarooni: LOL wow! Your style has sure changed! It's so pretty now!
@skittymitty: i knew it ahahaha i used to struggle with that too..i just use sai now >A<
haha! are you using manga studio?
and these two are always doing something horrible when new people show up LOLLOL
heyyyy someones back! lol they remind me of classical music...<3
Hahahaha! Classic!!!
ohhhh lovely!!!!
the details are so gorgeous!
the shoes also remind me of Sora's from kingdom hearts XD
@xx3OH3xx: Hahaha! he thinks the guards are jealouss ;)
@xx3OH3xx: hahaha ~ ! I had fun just doing the strauss panel XD i was laughing so freaking hard XD
@Ally_Santra: I'm not the only one then! XDD
I think the hotel guards found the nekked strauss ....
@xx3OH3xx: Hahah! He's a worrywort >^<

Hahahahaha i suppose XD
Mozart means well...LOL

Oh layout is exactly the same as my last page. XD what the hell XD
@xx3OH3xx: whateverrrr your pages are always pretty-colors or no colors XD
i wish my lines were as neat *^*
they ARE cute! hahaa! <3
teeheeehee -hugs momo-
yay! :D
Ah i just found this comic, read through the whole thing, and am instantly hooked XD <3
SO LOVELY <3 -kisses his cheek quickly- XD
@xx3OH3xx: i tried making my new reply pretty, but to no avail LOL
its trying to upload now >A<
SORRY LOL I confused her for Nanako for some reason XDDDD

this page looks so pretty!!!