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mazeltov, meaning congratulations ;*

'sup bro.
name's rachel.
i like gore lots, and i enjoy drawing people with deformities.
iiii~ am the creator of CDH (cirque du horreur), and i suck at updating my own comics.
i'm only good at participating in collabs. :^(
if you have one, show me ?<3
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monday and his brother, how sweet.
meet Monday's brother, Caleb! c:
he's probably just as much as a dickface as Monday, except he tends to be really sarcastic and often insults others with a nasty little smile. While our little Monday, on the other hand, goes all out when he's mad. Y'know, cursing and bitching and throwing a few punches here and there.

His brother is around 6"2, and 21 years old. He dropped out of high school when he was a sophomore, which is why Monday is the smarter one out of the two siblings. ;D
Caleb is only street smart, and is just plain retarded when it comes to book smarts.
Unlike Monday, who is a total fashionista (or more like a fashion forward freak), Caleb usually only wears muscle shirts and jeans, and maybe a few rings and necklaces if he's feeling extra fancy that day.

Monday hates his guts. Period. (oh here comes a horrible childhood story)
Ever since Monday was a wee kid, he's always looked up to his brother and ALWAYS wanted him to hang out with him and his friends. However, Caleb was a total gansterboi and wanted to just play with his friends by himself, and never took care of Monday, even if their parents asked him to.
Monday grew up having no one to play with at home, since their parents were too busy to care for him (since they decided not to "spoil" their kid anymore after seeing how caleb turned out).

Once Monday grew older, Caleb began to call him names and ordered him around the house with simple things that he could've done himself. Monday, being the younger one, always did whatever Caleb asked him to.

BUT ONCE MONDAY GOT INTO 8TH GRADE, he completely changed and rebelled against his own family, growing interest in parties, sex, alcohol, drugs, but mostly crime and murder. His sweet little attitude changed completly into the d-bag he is today. All because of his brother (or so he believes).

Caleb, however, still sees Monday as his "little brother" and treats him as if he was still 10 years old. Whenever they meet on the streets, Caleb would probably be the first to call him out and say something ridiculous like, "YOOOO IT'S MY LITTLE BRO! MAN, I REMEMBER WHEN HE WAS LIKE, WHAT, A BABY. LOOKIT HIM NOW"
While Monday will try his best to avoid his annoying older brother. eue

SO YEAH. i just thought i'd draw something cause LIED has been dead. OTL"
July 17th, 2010
O: oh, okay then!
i guess you're next. x)
July 16th, 2010
@ ayo
uhm, i think sunny (sunnykawaii) is after me.
^ according to that.
July 16th, 2010
you know what
i'll probably never be able to finish the next page.
so just skip me and let the person who's supposed to go after me,
do the next page.
repost from deviantart
July 4th, 2010
i like the background, hehe<3

& no, i don't think so.
'cause i'm next...? c:
a small referance of skye's tattoos.
i gave him some more 'cause i was bored. :I

so yah, his arm is full of tattoos, but he still has that 'too fast to live', 'too young to die' on each of his arm. c:
June 24th, 2010
@ ayo
LOL it's not gone. c:
it was just old so it was hidden.
MSpaint doodle. c:
if anyone was any small LIED animations, i'll be happy to make themm<3
June 16th, 2010
i love <3
you made this look really nice,
like i said before, asdfkl

the shading is so ... perfect and amazing. ):
switch'd panda for a croc(:
FULL NAME: Skye Durand
GENDER: male
AGE: 16
HERITAGE: French / American
ANIMAL: crocodile !
USUAL SIDE ATTIRE: "offensive" clothing, such as curse words or even a swatsika. blood stained shirts, lots of handmade friendship bracelets, and a (catholic) saints bracelet. skinny jeans, mostly plain black or gray (dark tones). wears thick platform shoes (rubber sole).
*has snake bitessss

PERSONALITY: Sensitive and picky, hard to satisfy, and stubborn. Also a harsh critique, and picks out the worst in people and never sees the good side of them. This gets him into trouble a lot, mostly in this 'LIED' gang, because he always needs things to be perfect.

..yes, he has OCD.

he's also very sarcastic.

good at reading people and their emotions, or how they're feeling at the moment. this can get a little annoying though.

overall, he's not very social, and tends to isolate himself from crowds (not on purpose, of course).

he dislikes seeing dead heads rolling around in his house, so he gives them to Clair after he beheads his victims ("here, a present").

BIO: born in a corrupted family. his dad was killed by an accidental murder (someone shot him, thinking he was someone else), and his mom was sick and went into depression. Gradually, his mother got better, but Skye was left with a lot of housework to do during the time she was healing (in result, he can cook and clean well, so he's often left in the LIED hideout to clean and cook and junk).

He came across LIED when he accidentally bumped into a member in an alleyway route, which was his secret passage way to go home faster without bumping into thugs who might want to beat the shit out of him for money. He found LIED to be interesting, since they go around killing people without reason, and asked if he could join.

Skye doesn't do much around LIED except maybe take a few bodies from the more active members and clean after them. But he also tags along in their little killing sprees. He tends to trail behind older members, but often gets lost and ends up going home by himself. :c

WEAPON OF CHOICE: maggots & acid.

ETC: +often does drugs. (hallucinogens, weed, etc)

+has a thing for movies, since he can just blankly stare at the screen at watch tons of movies in one day, and remember what happened in all of them. he also enjoys watching them a lot, and this is basically what he does all day.

+has a jar of maggots laying around in the LIED hideout somewhere. this is something no one knows about, since he's scared someone might take them away / throw them out.

+how he uses maggots to kill people is that he just first places a body part of someone in acid, and when their skin starts to rot, he places the maggots on it so his victim can watch the maggots eat their body. c:
but he only does this to torment them. after a while, he just places his victim's body in acid so they die.

+he's also a cannibal, cause he tends to eat people, obviously. c:
but no, he doesn't eat them raw. he likes to cook them like normal meat, which is even weirder, pfft.

+he never eats his own victims, since they're all nasty after being in acid and eaten by maggots. he asks other people in LIED if he can take their dead bodies home and stuff.
June 15th, 2010
this is really cute, askdfjl

but ... is that supposed to be those lemon shark ice pops zach's holding? ;D
lmfao title makes no sense whatsoever.
requested by zero <3 !
she wanted monday & benji looking like "x______x" and getting gore'd by flying hearts.
i think...
it was on the chat last night and i can't remember anything from it. LOL.

they're not getting gore'd that badly ... just bleeding. pfft.
sorry if i dissappointed you, zero. u_____u
'specially american curls, amgg.

:Q___________ /drools
i like her. :3
it looks like benji is sliding and that blood is like ...
sliding also ?
idk it looks awesome though<3
PFFFFT. sorray.

i like his hair. d:
but he seems a bit too young to be in LIED ?
June 7th, 2010
this is amazing, i love you. :c
thank youuuu so much, gah.

lookit his gorrrgeous smile. <3
hnng. Dexter is pret-ty tall then,
since Monday is around 5"7. :^D

uhghgh this is too cute.
yaaaaaaaay for friendship!<3