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I'm beginning to think Quinton is color blind.
Haruka grew a ponytail? Huh.
And of course, he has a Heads Up Display. Complete with Error message!

(this is probably one of my favorite strips that you've done, because this is a wonderful visual gag.)

That is all.
Kunzite's attractiveness has now increased 5 fold.

The mystery of the multiple resurrections has increased by a similar number.
Mina you are scaring me what is with your face.
Dang. Minako's MAD. This is a rare face for her.
dat sword
(thanks to ainobethie for making me take a second look.)
Meowth in that last panel is simply adorable. <3
Now I really DO need to play SMAS...
Almost forgot to credit SenshiStock for the use of her Sailor Housekeeping stock as reference for Kasumi in panel three.

Also, expect a new page soon! I just need to scan it to make standard adjustments, but the drawing phase is complete!

(I see you rolling your eyes over there. Don't think I don't notice these things.)

HOW did I not think of that before SailorZombieStar? HOW?!
What happen?! *panic* *highlights text*

*continues panicking*

(sorry, I've been watching Marble Hornets lately, and... uh... yeah. This... is gonna be creepy.)
Okay, we're trying this AGAIN. I'm sorry that I've reached The Wotch/Sailor Ranko status, with no updates in... ages. (Yes, I heard that The Wotch is starting back up. I'm not going back to it.)

Anyway, as I said... four months ago... sheesh, I'm restarting, and doing all new artwork. Updates may be irregular, but I'm going to do my Chaos-blasted best to update!

Scanners may prove problematic. :shakes fist at campus scanners:

I probably won't use screentones or color very often, mostly I want to stick to black and white with minimal shading. (translation: I can't find any good screentones at 72 dpi. Since that's my final resolution, anything I make at 300 will distort when I shrink it to a manageable size. Help on that front would be appreciated)
Oh lordy,you even got the Mercury/Robocop directives in there! Love it!
Oblivious criminals are oblivious as to who they are facing.
now really, deep down, shouldn't he have seen this coming?
@Ella Aquilas: Oh, but EVERYONE in this comic is cute~! That's the appeal!
Super special awesome Rose attack!
Found this through the front page, and I'm loving it so far. (+watch'd)