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Yaaaay Frizzy is back! Not only is Frizzy back but NEW SAILOR MOON ANIME SERIES!!! So excited right now!

And what a post to return with! That right there is why Minako is my favorite. She goes from goofball to no-nonsense in a heartbeat. All this time Kunzite has come across as the crafty, slick one and she totally played him. The light in that last panel is just right--really suits her character at that moment.

I like others have to wonder now... what DID Master 19 take from her?
Yes, yes it does resemble something else that happened in the comic recently... guess my original theory was wrong then. I was thinking the cage had something to do with the little bits of Chaos that got scattered into everyone's hearts at the end of the anime. Out of curiosity, which version(s) of the ending are you using in 4KH? Or is that secret?

Dying to know what happens next! Monday seems really far away. (Never thought I'd say that.)

Also, yay Mars is ok!
So much awesome going on on this page. Kunzite transformed (on purpose?)! And then he jumped in front of Minako who was trying to jump in front of Usagi... but who was Master 19 really aiming for?
Frizzy your art just keeps getting better.
Have my theories on what a Cage is, but I'll keep them to myself. ;)
Loving this so far!
I wonder when Link's going to realize who that is...
Awww... how can Ami say no to that face?
A Little Introduction
So... just a heads up for anyone who saw a Christian webcomic and was expecting a nice, clean, uplifting story. This comic is going to feature some (non-explicit) mature themes and less than admirable behavior from the "good guys."
I'm not trying to look cool or going for shock value, but I think it's important to show where the characters are in the beginning, how broken and unhappy they are. If you're sensitive to these things, this might not be the comic for you.
Do you think it's too over-the-top? Comments/feedback are always appreciated!
That background in the third panel looks great!
Glad to see this comic continuing~
Hehe... I wonder why they look so shocked?
Loving this comic so far~!
Your characters are developing nicely, and the art just keeps getting better and better. I like your main character a lot--she's well-intentioned but flawed, a very realistic heroine.
I want to know what happened to Adrian...
Kotono must have grown up... she became quite pretty.
And scary.
Well, that was out of the blue. I wonder why she's thinking of that... :3
Gee, I wonder...
It's not like she just smacked him in the face or anything ^_^;

This comic is super cute so far! I like that you have a protagonist with good intentions but obvious flaws--being a Christian doesn't magically make you a perfect person. Her insecurities make it easy for me to relate to her.