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Psycho Zombie
Hi there, names Alexander. Some of you may remeber me from fanart I submitted to various Simpsons sites a while back. I also done some Batman fanart that's been posted on several sites.
My main intrests are horror movies, animation and modeling.
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    Alexander Gustafsson
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Got guts?
Check out this video made to promote my comic:

And don't forget this comic is available for sale in it's entirety at
Over a hundred pages of insane zombie mayhem!
Order your copy today!
More gore
Good news for those of you who have little patience and money to spend, this comic is now available for sale in it's entirety at
Over a hundred pages of insane zombie mayhem!
Order your copy today!
Yes, Willy is the only smart person in this comic. Which makes things interesting since he is kind of an idiot to.
I am glad I'm not the one who's gonna clean that up..
There's a couple of faces you don't wanna wake up to in the morning.
The horror is far from over..
I like how this page turned out. Kinda builds up the mood for the horrors to come.
That's one way to get rid of unwanted passengers eh?
Re: beefybooyawn
I am planning to get it published. Through that is. Is coixpress ant better? You have any experience with them?
Not sure if I will continue to post as it seems this comic isn't read by many here. If the number of comments increase over the next pages I might try to upload them on a more regular basis.
Re: beefybooyawn
Thanks man. Yeah, I tried to go for a page layout that looked less sterile and bland.
Re. snorgar
"the art style doesnt match the norm for this type of comic"
Well, what kinda type of comic do you think this is then?
Re: beefybooyawn
Thanks man, good to see someone taking the time to comment here
Nice work
Not exactly the safest way to dispose of nuclear waste eh?
I'm liking this comic so far, fun to see something other than all these poorly made Sonic sprite comics.
Re: beefybooyawn
Thanks man! I love your comments to.
Cute little fella.
Seen Superjail? They did something similar there once.
Ha ha Good one
Indeed, zombies are the cure to poor countries' food problems.
I wish more people would wake up and realize that ha ha
Nice one. Love your avatar to.
I like how the civil war zombie turned out.