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lol this is wonderful. :3
May 28th, 2010
lol im happy you have the patients to acctually draw so many vines and stuffs, it came out really nice
-and im sorry guys im trying to start the comic but iv gotten caught up in some stuff ill try to post in the next few days-
oh my frikkin gosh hes so adorably edible. <3
lol my birthday was just a few days ago and I also just got my first tablet XD yours is much better then my first tablet drawing.
i love his face *-* and yes the triforce!
haha i love her perssonality and lol im so glad shes on octopus i kinda wanted to see someone choose that!
May 19th, 2010
I love that hes a horseshoe crab its so genious *-*
So beautiful ;-;
haha I wasnt expecting that didnt scare me but it was shocking XD
May 18th, 2010
gotta love the cute lil emo sappyness <3
haha I love it >,<
its so cute i wanna eat it <3
rofl I loves it.
im so sorry again that I at first forgot to do the persmission thing to allow you to post comics ;-; Anyway I wanna steal his outfit and your styles so cute. <3
oh my I had to stair at the title for 5 minutes before I figured it out lol, shes so adorable. <3
I love his bunny hood. Not what I was first expecting, for the bunny but I see how it works.
i like the inverted version lol
These are the rules so far I may put more though I doubt it. Oh and I forgot to say all charecters have a costume resembling an animal.