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Master J M13
Name: Joshua
Nickname: Master J
Service tag: M13
specialty: Melee

"Fairness is not something you want, but what you need." ~Dr. Julius Kane, from The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan

Beware of the Bear
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Whoa, what nastolgia
Hey Chao, if you see this, I agree, I would like it to remain alive, I go to a school where I take a Digital Design Class which majors in learning photoshop and illustrator so i can make comics like a boss now
true true, guess i'll find some author comics that aren't dead :/ maybe this one will come back at some point
well, no updates in 2 months? suprising, character is Jester


but seriously, this place is dead
i guessed ho-oh had something to do with it on one of the early pages :3
used an old sprite Amair and made it Twizty
Name: Twizty
Age: 26
Race: Eagle
Role: Joshua's close friend
Bio: in the uprising of Joshua over the Mobian world, Twizty had played a major part in it, he betrayed Joshua and murdered his son, then destroyed Joshua's life work, the Xbots.
yeah, cause i roll this way
The Author/Creator that represents me

yes he is a zombie

no he isn't hungry for human flesh or brains
finally getting to post this :3
is there an updated version of the floors? so i know which doors are taken and which aren't
this place, needs more slowpoke
this layout makes me think the story has something to do with Ho-oh.... but i dunno
we need more updates, i don't wanna see this place dead, it makes me sad
there is a titan of time, Kronos
metal sonic and sonic fusion would be awesome, cyborg sonic <3
I would like to request a Sly Cooper sprite sheet
also, looks awesome
if anyone remembers, in the old ALWF, Joshua was seen wearing a tophat at all times, and it's still here
@nintendofan123: they are in pain, agonizing pain

@TheTurbo: that we know of, he could hunt us down like the ninja he is and make us pay the money
i knew it was gonna hit one of them and not harm Shard.
.... it's gonna hit Blue or Pink, i know it