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This is so beautiful! Congratulations on chapter two going on sale! <3
Those boys sparkly power can kick Edward's butt any day!!! God the faces!
Oh god the chibis! The chibis are so cute! My teeth are rotting! And the blushing is adorable!

Shiratori is going to get his boy? yes please!
Oh god yes! And Sergio is all like calm now and Simon is going to freak out! XD
That blush is so cute!

Oh! I love Cauf's hair!
WOOHOO! Page! I love all the faces! XD
0//0 if this is not fanservice then i can't wait to see what is! And i love this comic and YOU that much to!!!!
Fluffy towel's are fluffy!

I love how you do expressions! The eye's and the blushing is great! :D
AAHHH! That's the sound i made when i saw/read this! Can't wait for the next pages! And Congratulations! :D

Hahahaha! Oh Haru and Shira just made me put this on my top 10 most loved things in life!

Shira has more self control then me! I would have dove for the door before it was finished opening! XD
I'm really loving your comic! Keep up the awesome work!
I love how Simon gets mad that it's luaghing at him. XD

Poor Sergio has know clue what to do.
Awesome! I love the sounds!
Go Simon! Kick it's butt!
Man! That is one crazy looking monster he turns in to!
DT Is like "Oh HELL NO!!"
Oh Haru is going to have hot dreams tonight! XD
Blackrainfall we are all mind rapeing him! And i dont feel bad at all! XD

*Starts commanding with ninetailedfoxdemon88*