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I'm a young artist in the middle of high school mid terms
I'm sad to say that pedo man is my favorite character beside Luke(...UKE!!!)
fufufu - Rasptuin is going to be molested if he doesn't realize the term 'yaoi'
pfft~I see caramel dancing XD!
October 27th, 2010
Mr. Smexy Man
Oh Gawd :D *twinkling eyes* i so love luk ~ as now XD! he is a total win X). i love this, and your art style is epic :D *dances around in a monkey suit*....*halts*.....*Glomps Luke...~ as X)* :D ignore me im weird like that
September 16th, 2010
Oh my god you have my name on it
that means i rejected him
gah im so evil >:D (he still adorable though :3)
Lmao epic win....suddenly i have the erge to do the same -_-
LMAO, that's why some lefties have the better ways of life XD
because marrying someone is boring XD!idk being random today.....Hello Senor Taco :D!
true, in my story it's the exchange student who falls in love with the normal one....though his boyfriend found out and punched him (exchange student) in the airport.
Yes, Pex. they're real. And mabey one day you'll come to see one and teach you some life lessons :3
i really dislike though mangaS. they make me wanna eat them D:<
3 mangas crept up my mind

Tent + Picture = Fruit Basket by Natsuya
Dad + Not Girlie = Ryo from Otomen
Mom + Model = Ume from Nosatsu Junkie
damn i love your comics =w=. i finally stopped reading this for my sanity. but you keep making me read this. you horrible person D:<, but i love you for that :D! (lmao on the love thing X) )
Lmao Liam looks like Henry
s mini me XD
You killed me O.O................and I love you for it =w=!!!!!!
Me: Oliver, you know his secret. Make him say it. Make him say it *fangirlmode* Make Eric admit it! Screw his dumbfounded denial, we know your secret! You -..... *shot*

Eric:...... :)
Good Luck in College! *Hands you a shower of fangirls/boys*
Eric ask Cora! Eric ask Cora XI! Ngh nhh......Like he's pissed off at her and ask her out....-shot-....
First time i ever comment on this freakin comic! OoO, you freakin alive! Oly Apples. man thought this was a deadbeat comic. *does the happy dance*
vaughn is so cuute ~<3 when those heart events happens. damn i never have the camera whenever i need it XD!
Is it Rei? I think it yes...Dude I think it's Rei O.O!