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Hi! I'm currently finishing up high school and am going to college to train as an illustrator! Thank you for checking out my page :)
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...or don't. that's cool too <3
<333 i am so excited <3
bwahaha, that is so true.
ooh, reminds me of a scene in Ghost Hunt... mega creeepy!
i like!
BWAHAHA AT LAST! i'm so glad you updated!!! plus i ADORE how you built up to it and everything... :D well done! <333 i love this.
haha, his tongue is so cute and tiny!
please update soon! i freaking love this comic

:D I know these characters are going to go together GREAT
<3 <3 :D hottieee
I hate this page. usually i am a fan of simplicity, but this page is too empty for even my standards. which is, essentially, what i was going for. but it still bugs me. XD i'm weird.

Anyhooodles, meant to give you this page on monday (how did it become Wednesday so fast?!) but..... i forgot. orz. i'm sorry.

@flynfreako; thank you C:
:D updatess
Happy Monday! Here is an update for you! Hmm... i keep thinking that I am forgetting something but i can't remember what! Haha, watch me remember right before i fall asleep. Oh! I might update again later tonight ^^

Thank you those of you who commented on the last page! It was very nice of you and made me really happy to know there are actually people out there reading this.

Anyway~~! Replies:

@akira16; XD
@KumoSora; so would i! Haha, when thinking of the mysterious music, i often think of the song "Rue Des Cascades" by Yann Tiersan, with the beautiful vocals. It is a slightly haunting, and thought-provoking song. but it's really pretty; you should give it a listen! Unfortunately, I don't know how to attach sound to a comic page, so i'll just give you a link.
@ammychild; ^^ not just a someone... and i'm glad you think so! <3
:D thank you sooo much!!!
by the by, i love your comic!!!
OTL i'm sorry for the late update... i feel horrible for not uploading last week. bu this page was bein' a bee-ootch P:
Not to mention my teachers have decided to simultaneously crack down on grades and things like that... which has kept me really busy...and tired... ;___;

while working on this page, i actually drew all the music notes upside down until i came to my senses.. yeah... that was an embarrassing moment of realization.

Sorry, sorry, i am making excuses. anyway, i have a few more pages already on my sketch pad, just need to scan them in :D and then tone them.

also! any tips or notes on grammar or toning, please feel free to share! C: thank you!
ummm, i know this is random! but i was wondering where did you get that middle panel screentone....? cuzi'vebeenlookingforitbutcan'tfinditanywhere...
not to be creepy anything, but i love his hand

okay that still sounds creepy :D
but really i love the way you toned it.
xD no tho, it's not a bad idea when you've got no where to start looking
<33 love haru
Looks fun!
hehehe... i could definitely see this being fun!
Haha she seems pretty cool, i think she'll believe 'em.
hmm, karma much? she uses her beauty to make men do whatever she needed them to do (even though she had good intentions) and then she finds herself miserable with a prince! D: poor girl! i feel bad for her, but at the same time, i know that she kinda brought it upon herself.