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I am an adult shaped child of a space alien. 8D

Also, I am an aspiring:

Freeform pencil pusher
Art machine

Some goals are closer than others! =o
Eeeee!! One whole freaking year!! Congratulations!!
Hawwwwww. XD <3 the ducklings! Haha, this made me giggle.
His mom... I just love her... So much!! XDD

Geez, I just can't get over that you always manage the time to write this HUGE wall of text for the replies! X3

Haha, maybe Sir Feathers Sparklebottom III, Esquire. Or worse... *snortgiggle*

Can't wait to see that animated project. XD sounds awesome! Hope things are going well for you even though you're so busy. Whenever this updates, it's like a shiny pickup for my day! 8D

YAY FOR THE GAY! 8D *flailyay*
Ahh!! It's done! I can't believe Cloe is finished! I have no idea how long I've been following but it's certainly been years.

I'm going to miss hoping for Cloe to update, it was always the highlight of my day to check SJ and hope for an update, so when it did I was so happy. I've come to care for these characters so well too that I've felt all these fantastic emotions in following their lives...

I'd really like to think that Richard and Henry have a happy ending together, although with bumps along the way since life can't be perfect, but still fufilling... They are my favorite characters and they've had such hardships that I think they deserve a happy life. Yeah, I think the chapters that focused on them were really my favorite. They really had a great relationship, complete with flaws, which made it all the more beautiful.

Awwww Heldrad!! I'm gonna miss Cloe soo much! I'd shell out money for a printed copy in a heartbeat! There have been all these times where I just wanted to do that whole press-a-book-to-your-heart-and-sigh thing...

I hope you're treating yourself to something, Heldrad! All these years and over 400 pages later, Cloe is finished!! That's a HUGE! I mean HUGE accomplishment! Congratulations!!! I really look forward to your next work, and will be eagerly following whatever you'll be working on next...

This has been such a wonderful ride... I can't wait to re read this comic as a whole, and do it all over again whenever I need to brighten my day. ^^
Omgomgomg!! You're baaaaack!!! *happy*
Two pages left...right?

*sniff* ;w;

Happy Valentine's day, Heldrad!
Oh my god. I just... I just keep loving Alan's mom more and more. XD "special friend" you say? Ahahaha, golly gee willikers, this comic really is pretty dern gay. (I love it (in case you already didn't know))

No typos from what I can see. XD You sound busy, but you know your loyal fanbase is patient. :3 don't overwork yourself!

Haha, unicorn backpack should totally have a cool name...xD one that adds to the unbearable misery that is his "unlife".
Melody!! Yay! I missed her. Ohh, she's so sunshiny happy. I'm so jealous of her luscious hair...
OH MY god. I laughed so hard at Jock's face in the middle panel! XD

Oh, poor Jock. He wants to go home? So do 86% of high schoolers when they first set foot in high school.

Yay you updated!
Oh... Liam and his dad, how sweet... <3
I feel like a waterfall of glorious updates keep coming down. ;w;

Ohhhhh!! Edmund! XD at first I was shocked, but it does fit him and his outdoorsy life. So? They really got together?? Edmund and Fleur? 8D *happy* oh she's so pretty! I can't wait to see how everything's changed.

Hahaha, Liam, you shouldn't shock a pregnant woman, especially like that... XD
January 26th, 2011
Me neither. It just didn't work for me up til about an hour ago. Weird.

Is that what they're making? Apple crumb pie? Love. XD
I really like Constance. She's sweet. ^^ And Alfred's funny too. <3
January 21st, 2011
8D ilu.

Best part of SH3, I think. Except maybe for the alien ending, sexy beam, or Dougras in undies.
If it was always go go go IMPORTANT PLOT DEVICE on every page then it'd eventually not be interesting. Like a soap opera. XD well, I don't think soap operas are interesting...

Yeah, like Eishiya said, even if nothing mindblowing is happening, it's still enjoyable because of your art. ^^
Ohh woww. Ed sure grew up well. <3 He looks fantastic in the last panel.
XD I feel that unicorn backpack should have a chronicle of memoirs that make his inanimate life unbearable. Pooor poor unicorn backpack.

Ahahahaaaa, omg I love Alan's mom even more. Heather is like "wtfiswiththisfamily" over there in the top panel. XD (we know their names now yay!)

OMG I SEE ALAN'S DAD. And his mom before she bleached her hair! Aaawww Alan's dad is cute. Eee glasses. <3 And Alan is all 8D! Ohh, who is that lady in the other picture with Alan's mom? *Waggly eyebrows*

XD Ariel looks so cute in the last panel. Pff this page made my day. Whattaday I had. Your upddaaaaates make-a me-a happy.
Woohoo two new characters! Miss Allen's shirt is...very. Um. I can't think of a classy word so I'm just going to say she has an eye magnet in her cleavage. Are there a lot of guys trying to go to the infirmary? XD Two people manning the nurse's office, huh? That's a lot, to me. XD

Well, I love Seth's hairstyle, so I don't mind seeing it on another character. 8D
Ohh. Myy. God!

That is all.