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kirio kurozawa
i like to draw read manga and play gaia?
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    megumi kurozawa
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top gear
must have sucked that you missed a great episode of top gear for all this tomfoolery it was the one when they built the mobile should try looking it up on youtube when you get the chance.
JAMES >:U why you so mean to your man >>
i love sir russle the fith :D because he has an awesome name and he looks like a tomato...i like tomatoes :3
im right there with you though i dont have a basement i have a super TINY hallway that i have to cram my family and pets in .... i hope no tornado comes to my house or all my art will die D:
lol amazing comic :P love the cute little expressions
AMAZING ART WORK *u* +stalk love it
music >w<
i love this its so beautiful *w* and it took me forever to figure out there was music playing xD love the music howd you do that? its amazing love your work keep it up~ <3
* u*
i love the expressions you make for th characters and i love your art style
they make ice skates for ducks??? o.o
kirio kurozawa
December 16th, 2010
looking at previous comments....
yeah i agree iron that when i see works of others i feel the same way but then it inspires me to do better than i do and only makes me want to draw more :D
im really loving your colouring style but as another user said the greytones are really fitting the mood of depression in this story but if you think its boring jus doing graytones then do what you think you would enjoy :D never do something unless you want to that is jus an opinion of mine :3
; u;
this is the absolute most beautiful bl i have yet to seen on smackjeeves this my be a pointless bl and the story may have been made up as you went along but this had a very sad and cute story to it i really dont want you to end it here but at the same time this is a good fitting ending maybe it needs a short chapter of what happends in the future? i dont know.... but i was seriously crying when i read this last chapter here and now i wipe my tears away as i read this page and smile :) this was a great way to spend time rather than studying for semester exams :3
kirio kurozawa
November 30th, 2010
woah o.o waht jus happened? Dx