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just a kind caring girl, who wants to enjoy her life, reading as many things as possible =]

most of those are BL/Yaoi, of course, will read others if they interest me :P

saying is: 1. try everything twice.
2. never say die.
3. when someone says 'are you positive?' answer: only fools are positive... or are they?
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Happy [late] Birthday
eeek! so studying works... lol
i really like the gown and the surroundings. excellent art work
cute bunny boy XD

aww i hope u feel better
ahh cant wait ^^
yay for the ps3 have fun ^_^

ooh wat happened with Jack? great page yay!
wow how is that david can look like a uke? and at the same time be so not uke-like? he's just too cute! =]
V.V come on david u have to remember sooner or later, hopefully sooner...
yay the friends, havent seen them in awhile
omg cant wait cant wait *jumps happily* we all know Kain is gonna get the crap beaten out of him and then kill them... i think... but go Kain!!!
manliness? sorry Haru, but uh, well that went out the window with the sparkles and flowers...

love this *waits for update*
love that face. XD so hilarious. u realise now (kinda) that u love him Haru
lol love it
its either a dream or something weird is going on
altho nice page. cuteness in a skirt @_@
wow hot hot hot...
however, david no! remember! dammit! *smacks him with everything in reach* grrr... Desta loves u so remember dammit!

anyways laughed so hard lol great page
oh wow, mummy needs to see this her baby's love... altho he needs to realise he loves him.

and updating slowly is probably better for suspense, but cant wait for the next one ^_^
great, laughed so hard. excellent art work too.

My yr 7 teacher was most def the scariest. She threw chairs, rulers, chalk, textbooks, erasers and whiteboard markers. ~shudders~ She even gave a kid a concussion with both the chair and the eraser. (chair just missed him, so she grew mad and threw the eraser) ~Scary
Nightmare Before Christmas!!!
oh my that is really cool! love it so much
February 11th, 2010
come live with me David, i'll take care of u... so sad *huggles*