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Gimme *grabby fingers*
I desperately want this comic, but I a) don't have a Patreon and b) can't afford to pay it monthly... T_T I would buy just this comic, and a few others, if I had the option to buy them singularly. Is that something you may offer...?
You don't need luck! You got talent and study under your belt! But all the same, good luck!
August 27th, 2015
I go back Monday for the first time in 10 years. I feel ya. Good luck!
Am I missing some weird joke, because she always has two different colored eyes... Why is everyone confused that her eye is purple?
January 16th, 2014
Considering I bought every Paradox book that was ever offered, I think yes ^_^
Thank you for creating ^_^
She's cute as hell xD
I really like that concept O_O
A-Aw... Dade... *pouts*
See that? Scarves kill O_O
Very good! Bravo! Also, my vote would be to have it updated all at once. We've already got the feel for the end, so stretching it out would almost make it feel too continued where as if we have it all at once, it still helps with the feelings of finality ^_^ ...sorry, I over analyze everything *laughs*
OOh, likin' the new coloring actually.
About the publishing thing: you ever think of something like CreateSpace? They offer full color interior pages and cover. It's free so long as you do all of the formatting yourself (which I would be more than willing to help with!!) and I'm sure you'd make money from it because we'd all love copies ^_^ I publish through them, so I know my way around their site. If you're interested, feel free to send me an ask on tumblr (oddender) or I can send you my email address!
I really like this cover. If it was a print and I had money, I'd be all over that
Yay, the old coloring!
@Vivi He's selfish for not telling his family he was alive when they all thought he was dead, primarily because he was happy where he was. Not for his sexuality -_- If I remember correctly, the author is asexual. As am I and you, but that doesn't make a victims. Pay attention to the author comments more; this discussion started on the last page; and stop playing the victim card. You're making us all look like whiny jerks -_-

I actually did mean the masochist in me. I enjoy pain on myself and when I read, I feel for the character. I don't like seeing him in pain (which would be sadism) but since my mind works within the character I'm reading about, I feel his pain as freshly as I would my own so it would be masochism. I'm a masochistic submissive, lol. However, I can see why what I said would be confusing xD
Alas, what is a story without conflict? ^_^ Besides, I love a tortured soul >_> I'm not sure if it appeals to the masochist in me or what *laughs*
*pouts* it's like a constant mindfuck, poor guy...