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I'm a self-taught artist. I mostly just mess around with art. These comics are my first try at organized strips with a real update schedule.
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    William Tomjey
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As I assume you like to do all the time, my obviously moronic friend.

Mmm. yes.
Meh. Again, it just doesn't have the same feel. For one, Sells is just to fat and short again. Dinky... I just don't know what was wrong with him. He's not really supposed to be drawn from the side. Funny though. And I never thought that a biweekly deadline would be so hard to meet.
Oops... size messup
Oops. I forgot about the size requirements for the comic. Well... enjoy!
Well, here's the filler. I just did it when I was bored today. What do you think? I like the face. Body; meh.

PS. There are two comic refrences somewhere in this picture. One is in the writing, the other is a shadow.
Title says it all. Not too funny, and it's a sprite comic, so the art can't be good.