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@SWSU-Master: Now I'm more intrigued about this duck-person. He IS a duck, right?

Panel 3: OTTN bitch. Next.

4: Looks cool. Then again, it's just the preview.

5: He looks like Ratchet, so he's good in my book. :)

6: Dunno, but maybe she could be amazing. Or not.

8: Looks like a villian to me. Question is, will he be a Bonnie or a Gretchen?

9: Oh god, it's finally happened: a MLP FIM fan character. The end IS near XD

10: I LOLed at his fourth wall humor. But why do I think he'll get annoying fast?

11: Eh, she's all right.

Looks to be fun times ahead overall.
Alexandra: 7
Allegro: 5
Brandy: 7
Cassius: 1
Danny: 6
Deadeye: 6
Ellie: 10
Grimsby: 6
Haylee: 1
Louise: 8
Nikki: 4
Paul: 9
Ridley: 2
Thom: 3
Valerie: 6
Zack: 7
Panel 11: Well well, look who it is. :D

And, yep, Haylee had it coming. Good riddance. She would've been the next one voted off anyway.
EDIT: That's actually a good point, QJD. Still, not everyone wants to see Bonnie at the end again, and if what SWSU says is true, then this is where she falls.

Can we just have Jackie win already?
@Vilecheese: Would've been cool to see the former happen, though.
Somewhere, I'm sure Matt's yelling at Bonnie through his TV screen that even he played a better game than her. And I don't think he'd care about how she did last time.
@QJD: Y'know, all things considering, I would surely make the same prediction, as well.

I'm with you with the predictability thing, too. I'm also starting to be reminded as to how disappointing Season 8 turned out.
'Bout time.

Also, yeah, I just realized he never said they could go back to camp. We must be in the middle of another double boot.
Well, count me as one of the people who doesn't care who wins anymore.
@QJD: Because SWSU likes Bonnie too much to give her one. We kinda guessed that a while ago. :P
Guess we're headed for a wild finish, eh?

I'm also thinking Bon won't survive the second boot of next episode.
Damn, I don't know who to root for yet.
@touileasaso: Yeah, Bonnie and Baxter seem to have that effect on people.
Adrian-7 (at least more tolerable than last time)
Bonnie-1 (ought to rate her lower than that, but at least she's not doing that stupid nice girl shtick this time)
Chloe-0 (now THIS one on the other hand...)
Emilee-4 (too little too late, indeed)
Heinz-5 (meh, hadn't changed too much for me)
Jackie-8 (I find him more entertaining this time. What?)
Kris-5 (meh)
Minerva-7 (would be lower in other seasons, but something about her this time makes me score her higher)
Ryuia-9 (better than last time)
Starr-6 (gets bonus points for humiliating Bon back in ep. 3
Ventious-5 (didn't care about him then, just indifferent about him now)
Xero-4 (We hardly knew ye)

Think Will Win: Sanza, but it's probably too safe a choice
Want To Win: Minerva or Ryuia. Purely for laughs. :D
I don't see Jackie going, myself.

On a side note, if we don't get a merge next episode I'm gonna LOL hard., Ryuia.
@rt555: I kind of have an idea about which duo, as well.
I wonder what Adrian's gonna pull if anything now that he's listened in on Baxter and Bonnie.

Nice to see something finally being done with Bon's idol, too.