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Come back later.
Oh the memories...
Actually, it wasn't James Bond, but a band called Bond Girls. They're pretty hot. I miss this comic so much... Is the old one still up for download? Could you please post that link if it is? I really, really miss this... T.T
Teucer's hair is just like my own. I like it. =]
someone noticed =]
Dragon hunting. Despicable. I am a dragon supporter, always have and likely always will be.
I still love those ears. A world with dragons is a good world indeed.
call me evil if you like but I wanna see joey get his ass kicked by brandon and sent back to hell. Oh and what happened to the priest and his gay pimp friend cyrus?
She's gonna eat the poor pumpkin?! NU! Not allowed nu uh. There will be no pumpkin eating here. Nope. -saves pumpkin
is the shadow-hidden-dragon flying away or landing?
wow i just realized...Joey and Kole slipped past BRANDON. Yesh i forgot all about him like you were afraid would happen but now I see a LIL something that ties in with the rest of the story. I wonder what joey would do if matthew found out about his half brother being tortured and decided to sick Brandon on him...Am I spoiling anything? I hope not..! That was DEFINITELY a change in script. Personally I liked life's bubbliness but this is just as good. now Life wears the pants in that relationship XD
Ty hanl its a lil confusing when you first look at the site though. Itwas for me anyway. took a min for me to figure out that you type in the threeletters after you type in whatever you're looking for. maybe you should put an explanation for that? I dunno but I think i got it, it's downloading.
You gotta post the old version HANL >< I wanna read it over and over and maybe even compare the new one to it. Can you Compile all the old pages into a seperate comic or maybe a link on this one? I know I've asked before but it's too good I'm being impatient and probably over expectant but please please please?
hehe its become an adorable rollercoaster of wacky fun, ^^ You've outdone yourself -applause- can't wait for more

btw/p.s.: I think most of your fans have a certain yearning and expectation for the next pages. all the characters and scenes they loved from the original are coming back improved and overall much better. It was a good comic to begin with, and somehow your making it BETTER. Now all you need is to make buttons, shirts and dolls and you'll be rich ^^
ooh this certainly is turning out to be a LOT better. Can't wait for the next pages >< And happy late b-day btw. I missed that other update sorry. Your art has gotten much better like I said. I think you've gotten ever so slightly more creative too. That shadow idea was unexpected O.o
Me bein a lil Critic c=
-sigh- I liked the old HANL better. The humor was actually funnier and not quite so boring. The goofiness really blended with the morbidity well I miss that. Now its just cheesy-ish and too serious. Ti was much better as a clueless sarcastic. Just thought I'd put my opinion up here doesn't matter if you pay it any mind or not
And Lemon Juice. Or maybe thats just my opinion but salt alone just never seems to be enough XP
Btw: Your Izzy Characters are a lot better (quality wise) but the feet are just plain silly. Did you do that on purpose?
I thought Cyrus and Val looked similar. First time Cyrus showed i thought it was Val in a pimp suit ^^
Dragon society. Business meetings in a cave. What will you think of next? ^^
lol boring page but excellant anyways. The art has gotten so amazingly better since the original first pages. You deserve a cookie ^^
that tall motherf@#$er...I wanna be tall T_T