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These last pages have been friggin' adorable! But, winning at this hide-and-seek game is sort of like losing, isn't it? Sad face. I'm rooting for them!
I can't hear you!
This page...took a lot longer than it should. Clyde, you are not how I imagine you. I'm sorry Clyde.

And right when I get to updating, Mom comes in an dumps a bucket of fail on me. I don't know when I will update next; it might be quite a while.

3eoclock: Thanks! Maybe...maybe super-secret-once-a-month update? Until mom gets rid of this batshit?

Jazeki: Thank you! I hope she comes across that way~

e0-s-knight: I want this comic to be cute! Thank you for your comment!
Idk, that Chicky is way adorable~

I love how clean and sleek this comic is! You have great layouts ♪
I only commented once before but...I really love this update! I like the attention Jig is getting; she is pretty ace~ You tell that fool, Jig~
Girl talk! :D
Hope you guys are having better weather than what is here...oh, the rain stopped.

3e0clock: Thank you = 3 = I didn't think I would get this one done either. But the rain made everyone lazy~
This takes way too long, srzly, how do you guys do this? Deeeerp, well, there is Mia. Pardon the horrible dialog. The lady's name is Lady. That is how creative I am~ You can't touch this~~

aaaaah j/k

Well POOP ! I just noticed the cookies aren't toned and there is a stripe still hanging onto the left side! xD Wh'ever.
I'm blushing for them! This is just too adorable! ♥ I can't wait for their 'meet' hehe.
I really love your comic and characters. I haven't gone through mushy feelings before but I can still really relate to this!
I'll go back to lurking now... ID
Um, that's supposed to be a panda.
A panda for 3eoclock because she pimps me. IDDD Love love~~ <3

The script! The action! THE DRAMA! ...This page doesn't have it. And good thing this isn't meant to be srz. I really need to get in the habit of drawing and practicing more. Sigh. Know how you can tell this is going to be good? I did the 'just use the same drawing' on the first real page, lol.

Oh, yeah, it's animu too.

Thanks for the comments on the first page, guys! They mean a lot and I know I'm going to need them to keep going. huff huff
Yup, it's a comic, and that's a door. A jell-o paned door. Yum~ wiggle wiggle~ Don't expect much from this comic. Please!