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the secret revealed
@MarshallStrife: gosh, thank you u///u
I'm now caught up to where I was before with this comic!! Now to move on to the new
this page isn't suBMITTING maybe it will if I add an author's comment

edit:/ I can't believe it submitted when I added an author's comment
so many layers went into this page
not sure when the next update will be, I'm still figuring out how long the pages take on average!! but I'll try for soon
Here it goes oh here it goes oh here it goes again
ok all caught up now
so I kind of forgot to update this on here for like a month
winter break is over, back to weekly updates
the comic section was doing a group theme thing about how winter break is coming up

my characters are fish
For this one I couldn't think of a joke so I did a cameo of one of my friends, taking some stuff she's said out of context

Simone is impossible in so many ways she's not even the type of snail that can be underwater and now she's surrounded by anemone and not even phased
@princessyukisohma: yeah gabe is a loser

he's the only one who likes his haircut, too
I didn't want to draw fish
this was meant to be like a Bloom County homage kind of thing

sorry there wasn't a comic last week, the comic section did this weird collab thing and I wasn't sure if I should have been posting the other guy's stuff online
I have no idea if ripping a fish's tail fin would hurt it or affect its ability to swim so let's all just pretend it's mostly an aesthetic thing and is apparently totally painless
@Dimly: Oh she hates it all right
Chloe may seem like the smart one until you realize she tried to bite a slime monster