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It's just I finally figured out how to resize sprites in Photoshop without getting all blurry, and I can keep all the sheets open in the same program without having to flip between a billion MSPAINT files. In otherwords, I'll probably stick with sprites, I'm just curious if people would want to see it continued in hand drawn style, though I know alot of people are fond of the sprite tradition.
I'm just curious. Which version do people like more? The drawn version, or the fanciful sprite one?
What do you say, would you be interested in seeing ELZ return, DRAWN LIKE THIS?
Don't forget you can also find ELZ at Also check out the forums at!
Don't forget you can now find ELZ at my new site Also check out the forums if you like!
ELZ can also be found at my new website of Fishbowl Industries, or You can also join the fisbin forums at!
I wasn't even aware it was a Futurama reference to be honest.
That's part of the surprise now isn't it?
It updated again!
Amazing! Anyways, if anyone who knows something about web design and could do me a favor, PM me for details.
Just to say, sorry for the lack of updates, again.
M. Bison says
Apologies for the delay. Uh, yeah.
...And as always!
You know you wanna.
If anyone's interested.

I also might be able to take drawing commissions if anyone's interested. We'd have to work out the details.
This is by far the closest I've made to updating the comic and it still qualifying for the right day.

And as usual...
Because last minute shopping is fun!

Awesome apparel for the awesome consumer!