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Hey-Ya people!
Nice to meetcha!
So you wanna know about me huh? Well to be perfectly honest,ima total spazzy chick with a extremly disterbing sence of humor. What you might find scary,sickening,or horrific...Ima gonna find it cute,adorable,fun,and perfectly normal!
My favorite comic on dis site is BOO by CPD hands down!
And it ain't just cuz the author isa my boyfriend (giggle)So you totally gotsa read it!
But read my stuff tew! It's gewd I swear! ^_^
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Ereboner Arkenstonerz Comic#1: “Nice to Meetcha!”
A behind the scenes look at two pieces of utter Tolkien Trash, working together, to make a Hobbit inspired fandom project. Meet, Messy the Fanfic Writer and Bloo, the Fan Artist.
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Ereboner Arkenstonerz Comic Launch!

Today marks the day this comic launches. Starring: @messybitch802 and @blooeyedspazz. (Created by Bloo too!)

A behind the scenes look at two pieces of utter Tolkien Trash, working together, to make a Hobbit inspired fandom project. Meet, Messy the Fanfic Writer and Bloo, the Fan Artist.

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May the Gods bless this man.
Nothing is more comforting in times of crisis, then clever, thoughtful, distraction. He's doing what many skilled professional people use to help others get through many challenges. I can think of countless times I myself have used this to aid loved ones, or the few situations where someone has done so for me. Truly this is the perfect person for her to have navigated such a lovely intimate moment with and continues doing so with this current situation. Cage, you're a darling.
AAAAW! How sweet!
No words can express how sorry I am for such a long delay on updating. Sadly life decided to gut punch me and leave me to suffer slowly alone ...
My job has really been kicking my ass these past months with scheduling me not just night shifts,but days now as well. So collectively, I'm currently only having a day and a half off a week at most. So I've been abnormally exhausted, leaving me little time to draw at all. But, despite all of the bad things, I have been making great strides in my artistic career. I recently was able to finally participate in a comic book convention by having my first booth in an artist alley, and I have another one lined up in April.
After a lot of long days and night thinking very hard about it, I have realized that I only have the time to work on one main comic.I'm very determined to start taking my comic artist career more seriously and try my hardest to become published and more well known. So I believe it is in my best interest at the moment, to start working on my new, original comic: "BALLAD OF DEVOTION". Does this mean I'll be giving up on "TGWTM"? Of course not! "TGWTM" has a very special place in my heart, and I owe it to all of you to keep the story alive and make sure you see it to the end. But until I can ether find a new job, get more support on Patreon, or work things out with my current work place, "TGWTM" will be going on a long deserved vacation with hopefully an update occasionally when I have the spare time for it. So Lucy and Beej will be back. It'll just take some more time. In the meantime while you wait for them to return, I do very much hope that you will follow my newest comic:"BALLAD OF DEVOTION". This project is really going to be testing me on all new levels of creativity. The art will be done all traditionally with pens,ink,alcohol based markers and other techniques. The story is of my very own creation, filled with fantasy, adventure,romance and much more.
So once again, I do deeply apologize for such a delay and the hiatus of "TGWTM", but I do hope that you will continue to give me your awesome support and love.

Link to Ballad of Devotion:

Link to my Patreon:
August 2nd, 2016
So....equivalent to a surprise butt grab? :->
You should totally consider doing a patreon! There's no harm in giving it a shot. Every penny thrown your way helps after all, I for one would defiantly be interested in contributing if you did so. I'm sure others would as well.
<3 curvy Gals are the best<3
*(fellow curvaceous chick speaking)*
Can't decide what I'd like more...
To snuggle in Beetlejuice's lap, or have the adorable Lucy snuggling in my lap...
(Oooooh the possibilities.LOLZ);-)
It's nice to get to draw younger Lydia.
She's such a cutie pie.
*Lydia is roughly 15 in this flashback*
Aaaaaaaaw! :-3
You can click this link to see the full colored version of the magazine cover! Enjoy!: 10%253A1460933608
@Koal: Thank you so much. I'm glad you're enjoying it almost as much as the cartoon, ultimately, that's my goal!(with of course the aid of some "grown-up" junk too. lol.
@Hatter09: *tee hee* I caught that just before I saw your post. It's all fixed now! and thank you for the lovely compliment. :-3
Dang! Page 150 already? Getting closer to 200! ;-3
2 updates within a week!
Yay! Lolz.
*Tee Hee*
Thank you Rose!
And I'm glad your back and enjoying the story. I especially am glad you like the clothing. I'm a bit of a obsessive Gothic inspired fashion freak, and it seems to leak onto my pages. Lol.
SOOOOOOOO Sorry about the delay once again guys, but with good reason! Promise!
I just recently got a new promotion at my work.
I was currently working as an restaurant opener/cashier for Panera Bread, now I'm training to become a baker. So way more pay, but funky hours, plus I gotta travel for the training and for when I officially get the position. So for now I'm working 9pmish-7amish. So I've been sleeping But I'm starting to get use to the sleep change, so updates should be improving very soon!
As always, you guys rock for sticking with me!