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Forced Seduction looks so LOVELY when it's inked!
Wonderful page!
But Shiratori DID do something! He was Haru's motivation! :D

The art is amazing as ever!
O.o Oh yeahhh! Belated huppie birthday, Shiratori!

Man.. Shiratori's an EXCELLENT tutor, ain't he? xD jkjk.

The art is still as awesome as ever. I'll be waiting for the next page! :D
Haru = sparkles

Haru's mom = FLOWERS

Hah. One awesome family.
Hoyyeaaaah! I wouldn't have it any other way.
hoyes. So irritatingly adorable! This whole comic is so very well drawn!

Oh, and... is he carrying... his sparkle..? xD
February 19th, 2010
He DID bring her bag... right?