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I love creating graphic novels. O_o really what else is there to say... oh I like dinosaurs and chocolate. ^^ no really chocolate dinisaurs were the best from thortons way back when...
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Sword Hentai... sure
NSFW? Sword rule 34 because that seemed like a good idea… Green.Theady suggested drawing Regent Blade - the closest thing I could find to that was Regent’s Greatsword in tera’s data base and I couldn’t find any references of how it looks really other than the tiny item thumbnail so used simular swords for reference - and then some things went a little out of control and people wanted Rule 34 Swords. Anyway enjoy.
Familiar pool
My partner is such a joker. They have use a very (im)famous background here. This is Uninstaller the second character they made in Tera. She is a Mystic and a High Elf.
Some changes
They made some changes to the breasts.
Alt version of dragon comp entry
So this is the version of the piece before I warped it to be reflected in a dragon's eye. Two fighting barbtails.
Tera Dragons Competition Entry
I created this as an entry to a loading screen competition held by Tera Europe. I decided to go with this version of the piece as I wanted to do something different than just having dragons fighting. So this is dragon's fighting reflected in another dragon's eye.
The nude version of the other piece. Enjoy Amani female nudity.
Art created by my partner in crime. One of their characters. Their first Tera character Remplex.
Remplex is the leader of the Loot Sweepers.
Away so here is a preview
So I am going to a convention and haven't had time to draw and with Chrismas coming up there might be small breaks like this between pages. However while I can't give you a page this week here is a sneak peak at a unfinished bonus art. There is a lot left to be done and altered but should have it done for New Years. Will perhaps release roughs of the Christmas bonus art tee hee. Best wishes everyone
poor short Noah
He is still getting use to his height. He perhaps would have done better if he had just jumped into the ring instead of trying to climb in.
Still more regular than Valve
life and drawing hands >M<...
You will not believe the number of times I redrew all the hands in this picture even ending up flipping some to take the edge off and it still took me ages to be happy enough to post it.
I have uploaded the cover as a page to view so you guys can get a better look at it.
The cover features the founders of the Loot Sweepers guild. Remplex the amani Beserker and Rozenlux the castanic Sorcerer.
Remplex is the Guild Master and Rozenlux is second in comand.
Today's minor delay brought to you by...
World of Final Fantasy demo.
I really o-o didn't mean to get distracted but demo is good looking forwards to when my preorder arrives of the full game.
Practice and suggestions
Thank you to Esoteria and Toscat for the two suggestions at the top of the doodles. I am acutally working on full art pieces of them as I really liked the ideas.
The rest of the doodles are me practicing drawing Rozenlux. His face primarily. The monocle is something I recently bought in game as is the book. However he has had the pirate costume from the get go as I made him back when there was a way to get the pirate costume through a code. His eyepatch is a feature that is due to his modle and isn't cosmetic. It has something to do with his hairstyle so some hats make it disappear as they change his hair XD. His horns sometimes also disappear in head onriments partly why he has the headphones because they don't change anything. I got lucky getting the headphones out of a drop box in an event.
Rozenlux is my first character I made and I am looking forwards to the sorc update XD.
Cover image
This is the cover image I have created for when the update to this site happens. I have decided to upload it as extra art as well.
The cover features: Adam, Luke, Nickleson, Noah and Sir Boss.
If anyone hasn't figured it out the person everyone calls the Boss is actually called Sir. Yes that is their actual name though it may be short for something I'll leave people guessing at that.
sorry for the minor delay on this page. It was due to techincal issues and the fact I keep feeling rather ill.
Release Schedule
I now have a more defined Release Schedule that can be found here:

So Tuesdays will be the general day that this comic releases and it will be weekly.
Well here is some actual nudity for all you Ero fans. Sorry it took me so long to get round to posting R18 stuff here. That being said the comic is approaching some sex scenes soon. I hope they will be enjoyible for you all.
If the image isn't showing you can also view it here:
Rozenlux screen shot edit
This screen shot was underwhelming but had potential so I edited it in photoshop to make the image shown here.

Rozenlux would probably enjoy DragonForce music. He now has some headphones in game so listens to music a lot.
The Loot Sweepers of Tera has now officially started its release! Catch the newest page every other Saturday!
Extras updates will happen depending on time restraints.

So it has become just on the edge of Oct 1st!

Not all pages will be in this style. Style will change depending on central character and other factors.
Yes the fact is says Prolog and not Prologue is also vague joke/reference to the programming language:
That which came first
Will probably post the NSFW version at some point. I actually created the SFW version so I could post the image places where NSFW images aren't advised. So the NSFW came first though I am posting the SFW version before it XD.
I was inspired by the song Bang by the Armchair Cynics. Adam likes guns and Luke likes to pull his trigger.