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I love reading web comics. :D
*casually screams because Sherlock reference*

I've been following this comic for quite some time, I must say this made my already awesome day even greater <3

Your art is lovely and your story telling is exquisite, by the way! :D
nahh, the 'bee' thing isn't that big of an issue. In the anime didn't they say 'beedrill' anyways as well as buzz?

Ahh well, how cares. Still love the comic, h0ly! It's awesome! <3

Broseph better watch his back- that rattata's in the top percentage of /all/ rattata out there.
Oh wow, this third panel is so beautiful! I'd hate to come across all those bug pokemon coming at me, though. o.o RUN ATTICUS RUN!
Atticus' face in this is priceless XD
I love your pages so much, from the vine-like borders to the orange-purple gradiant to the beautiful style that you draw these guys in. Keep up the great work :D
Awww, he just praised DT. Kind of. :3

The second and last panels look awesome for some reason, by the way. ^^
DT is the cutest kickass thing I've ever seen. <3

Your comic is wonderful, by the way! it sad that I've been checking smackjeeves everyday for updates of this comic?

Seriously, this is one of the best things I've ever seen. Ever. :)
Can I just say this is one of the most entertaining nuzlockes I've read so far? It's epic. :D
This page gave me new hope for humanity. :)
'Cause he's Gary Fucking Oak.

Seriously, you made perfect use of that meme. Makes so much sense how he won now. XD

I do not know who this masked kid is, but this is amazing.
Nike and Bia look real cool here, they seem like interesting characters! (They sound familiar, too...)
Can't wait for the next update!
Poor poor Dragonthing D:

Atty doesn't know what he's getting into XD All he has is Dragonthing and I'll bet Kahn caught at least another pokemon already seeing he has the pokeballs on his belt...
This has got to be my favorite page here- this is too funny, great job with this comic!
Ten bucks says the bloody rat follows him home X3