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Skype: semaru92
Discord: TheGreatGBA#3229

Hi, I'm G.B.A, Game Boy/Blaze Adventurer.

I would like to tell you a few things about me, I like video games, drawing, reading books and comics and hanging out with my friends. I'm a guy from Wales (U.K).

I started my comic career in 2004, I have been on Smackjeeves since 2006. I'm old...


Facts about My comics:

G.B.A's Crib: It was my first ever comic which began in 2004, I was a newbie (noob) back then but eventually the comic started to get better over time.

Holy Crap: My friend and I wanted to do a comic together that would literally make fun of everything that we come across in our lives, from T.V to games, to internet e-drama to monkeys wearing penguin suits.

And one more thing, many people ask me, "G.B.A, why is your character a freak?"
My answer? "Because raisins."


Aye, thanks for reading this long description! Just don't go crying to me, if you wasted 5 minutes of your life.

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Say goodbye to that high score I suppose.
Behold! Dewi Evans recreated in Sonic Forces.

Well... almost, considering I couldn't find any clothes that resembled what he normally wears, so I went with either the yellow hoodie or a cool looking backpack.

Anyway, as for the game Sonic Forces is... Okay. It's sadly okay, it doesn't do anything kewl and when it does something epic; it's quickly over.

At least the story is a step up from Sonic Lost World, but still lacking somewhat and not making use of some characters and ideas.

And since we're still talking about that good ol'e SANIC, check this out:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Bloody chocoholics...
No, Trix!

Violence is violent.


You want some?
Original comic:


I had fun messing with this before the real dialogue was added onto it.
November 7th, 2017
Should have used your snack vision.
Well... it had been AWHILE though.
Sweet like chocolate.
November 4th, 2017
Smackjeeves somehow made this appear earlier than intended.

November 3rd, 2017
Okie dokie, anti chokie.
Boy, that Fakey guy sure is a charming fellow.
Halloween was three days ago...
Would have been nicer in my opinion if the scaled up sprites didn't have the detailed facial expressions.
October 30th, 2017
What the Plok indeed.
Lovely new toys.