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I like writing and drawing. I in particularly like poetry and short stories. I have in the past written longer stories. I have two dogs and have interest in Kingdom Hearts...
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July 22nd, 2012
This is gorgeous. <3
I think... I officially love you... a lot. You have Jun Jou in there. :D *glomp*
Well, to let you know, that's a very pretty sunset! <3 Your Comic!
March 30th, 2011
More more! I demand it.
Just kidding
But really, you should do more.
Your artwork is great!
For a very LONG moment... I couldn't figure out what was n the last panel... :D I got it after staring at it for like, two minutes.
I can't wait for he next pages. Haru's so cute in that last panel! Moar?
Ahhh. I did the same as everyone else! I hit the next button over and over and over until I noticed that it was the same page. :( Then I said awwww!
August 2nd, 2010
uadf0n9ayefg0y[!!!! BLEHG!!! I'm so freaking out. What happened to Benji's eye!?
July 24th, 2010
Draw quickly! I love your artwork and this comic is just amazing! I wanna know what happens to Benji! AGH!
Darius! Don't be down.
Yep Desta, just a little off, just one head over,but nice try.
Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th, 2010
This is... woah...
Um, you need to draw up the next page! I'm so impatient. Please?