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Hey guys, just call me Jackii. I'm 16 years young and I plan on becoming an animator. I'll try to update my comic every week and replying to as many comments as possible, thanks!

I don't mind critique, but PLEASE be constructive. Yes, I'm making a boy love comic, but that doesn't mean you have to be a dick about the subject. Thanks for respecting an artist.
It's one thing to be influenced/inspired by an artist, but I really feel like this is blatant theft. It's nearly identical, and honestly, as an artist, you should strive to do your own thing. Sure you can use the way Zeromotion draws Tweek's eyes, but... damn, you even went out of your way to color just like her too? Be original with your thoughts and ideas.

[edit] justifying a wrong doesn't make it right, buddy.

zeromotion: Did I say it was a big deal? Not at all. Nor did I post a tl;dr about it. I was just stating my opinion, if the first thing I think is another artist's name when I see a piece of artwork, isn't that just sad? Isn't it more satisfying to make your own work? I wasn't trying to be hostile or anything. If she can't handle the fact that someone has beef with her work, then that's her loss. Comments don't always have to be positive, and it's nice and all, but... honestly? Yeah, whatever though.

Feel free to delete this if you want. And sorry for making you type out that really long spiel, I didn't even read it all because it wasn't worth it. Take critique, don't make excuses. Yeah, it wasn't constructive, but it was one step somewhere.