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I'm weird and a dork, what more do you need to know?
If I, oh I dunno, made fan art of this character, who do I credit/send to?
This comic wins.
I see there is a lack of philosophy teacher in this comic. I'm just being bitter I suppose. I love the comic and its flow. Keep up the good work errbody! :D
I know that feel. I go rawr! then I used to get my ex's hands (was gf at the time) and then say "Don't move til I figure shit out!"
Hands are a difficult thing to draw. I get pretty frustrated so I look at my own or ask a girl I know to show me her hands.
At least you'll be prepared.
I dunno.... I wanna stay but I feel very unreliable. If you'll have me I'll continue, if not I understand.
I'm gonna end his drama soon.... party can't be all drama right?
People just need to be listened to... then you slap them and tell them to stop being a wuss and party til they can't remember! Oh David... you emotional bastard...
Becuase there is always that one person bringing their drunken problems at a party. Plz lemme know if you can't read my chickenscratch so I can edit it at the earliest I can... I'm self concious about my handwriting...
I dunno. Nobody should second guess a party!
Shy people at a party are usually the ones who are awesome!
lol this is getting better!
Hooray someone let David in!
This really makes me want to restart my webcomic.
He made it in his drunken state! I myself was even surprised he could get dressed. Someone please let him in.... who knows how long it's going to take me to updoot again... stupid job...
Its been a while since I've been able to updoot. I have this new full time job at a call center... but you don't wanna hear that. David is ON HIS WAY!!!
Oh wait..... in that case David is already drunk.... what to do...