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Story teller, Astralle
I love drawing and I am trying to improve everyday.
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So.................cronus is f***ed.
Pokeball Challenge
Ha, who needs ultra balls or even master balls!!! I catch all my Pokemon in a regular legit pokeball!! Even Legendaries.

this reminds me when I got threatened at Mt. Moon in our Pokemon Tabletop game. A grunt fired a warning shot at me with a shotgun. After that little incident I went to Cerulean city and got a gun license and carried a pistol with me for protection.

It actually came in handy. Against Jessie and James!!!
HAHAHA I love ready the comments congratulating zeus only to come back around and say that they still hate him.

Oh well the feeling is mutual. NOW GO GET'EM!!!
"you ssssstay out of thissssss"

God I would always watch that last fight of Aladdin. The genie is awesome.
It's called dodge and Iron tail.............if it could.....or had a chance.


hmm, I don't know, does he have a sprinkler system in his gym?
I love the last panel. "*wish*" you did not see anything!!! ;)
So that lasted why longer than it should've been and I was trying a new thing where I would get the layout of a certain amount of pages, get the done all at one time and then post one and have a bunch of buffer pages. Then I got on a block, then I got a job which eats up all of my weekend time, and then college started back up again and I haven't been able to do nothing. I probably won't be able to get a page up until early summer when the quarter ends and I'm sorry about this mess. That was the worst block of my life!!!!!
I don't think atty needs a pokedex, he has a human pokedex right there!!!
this really needs a reality check!!
No, what they don't get is that I'm using them. I fill up their stockpiles with eggs in my mass breeding frenzies. They should be tired of the sight of so many eggs soon. To the point where it will become torture!!! hehehehehehe
Did that lick trigger a flash back or something?
WAIT A MINUTE!!!! I know that tongue!!!!
Oh, hey it's a gen. 5 pokemon Deino!! Sweet!!
I was going to say Moltres or Honchkrow, but the silhouette doesn't look familiar to any actual game pokemon.
@Derp-de-derp: Hmm, guess that means that all fail pokemon are useless, until level fifteen then depending on how you use them they are somewhat useless or good.
@ProjectEgax: Well until it gets to level 15, then it learns ember.
oh this is going to be hysterical!!!!
POKEMON CENTER!!!!! at least those aren't extinct!!