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New Arc!
Here is a mini-arc with Nektr the Necromancer that will run for a couple more strips. Nektr (like nectar) is a misquided emo boy at-risk teen, whose foray into the impure black arts have given him acne and made him a bit nutso. He loves to dig up and raise dead famous people to add to his collection, and he's looking to Az's dad next. You can imagine Az is pissed.

Otherwise, if there are any characters you would like to see more of, please pm or comment :-)
If you remember the old tootsie pop commercial...
New comic on Friday. This is the first strip I've done completely digitally and its fun, but now I want a cintiq.
Pilot Info.
This is how the girls get those sparkly crowns.
That last phrase could easily become this comic's motto.
2nd Update
I guess being proficient in magic means missing out on some other life skills.

Another post this Friday!
First Strip!
Welcome to Sparkling Hostage Estate.

Starting from now on there will be updates Wednesdays and Fridays. Although the above comic fits in with the series summary, future updates won't necessarily follow a long overarching plot. The continuity will be pretty loose, focusing more on bringing the funny.

Thank you for looking:)