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I like to draw anime (even though I don't think I draw very well). I love watching anime. He-he fan-girlish I know. I love to read, listen to rock music, and animals.
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February 23rd, 2011
Valan's reminds me of Fred and George, is that supposed to happen?
EPPPP!!! I love this!!! (and him >///<)
@ravenanne: Seriously!!?? -inset fangirl scream- *faints*
The only thing I have to say is... Wow. :X
Ohhhh! Good thing it's not for a creepy reason! Though I wouldn't expect him to a creeper. ^_^o
EPP!!!! This manga is AWESOME!!!! <333 This girl is lucky, three shirtless, hot, guys, one a model, one an actor, and and one a singer.
Okay fan-girl mode over. ^_^'
Haha! I don't think biting a person then running away is a very nice thing to do.
This has been said in a very sarcastic tone.
Why is he saying 'she escaped'?? Very creepy. D:
October 16th, 2010
Holy crap!! Hot!!!! <3
Can I keep him? Please!!!!!!!!!!! :3 <3333333
@Leafy Savanna Chan:NO!!! Kaoru is MINE!!!

@itashi: I want to see Vampires Suck so badly!!
Kaoru! Hikaru! I absolutely LOVE them! Especially Kaoru!!!!!!!!! <3333333333
September 20th, 2010
This will not end well.
It's ok. Those people are idiots. Your comic is awesome and they are just impatient.
It's sorta like when Tamaki was telling the others that they were the homosexual supporting cast. :P
Can I please kick this bitch's ass?
Ah! Bloody hell! Dude with the lip ring, I am hoping you get your bloody ass kicked!
Aw crap! Not good, not good! Katsu get your ass over there!
Bob, hit the bitches! I know it's wrong but I don't give a damn. Hit the bitches!
EPP! Strange neko in a bathroom stall with a lip ring! Hot at the same time stakerish.
Aw. He looks cute! XD