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And now we've reached the middle of the three-parter of doom. School's been keeping me very busy, and I've gotten worried about tomorrow's update. I'll do my best; it's a very special day, after all.

Oh, and I ended up thinking of a completely different ending while finishing this comic before realizing I already had this one in mind. It wasn't funny, so I'm glad I remembered this one.
39-41 killed me in planning; I kept cutting them off at different points. It's the main reason the update schedule failed; I make up my mind. At one point, I think they were all going to be one big comic, but it made the jumps too awkward. I'm not wild about the ending to this one; it's more plot-based than humor based, and I don't know if I can pull that off yet.

Oh, and Simon's Goblin incompetence is a joke he's sure to bitterly give a fake chuckle at. It works on another level, though; I like the idea of making fun of sorcerers for being unintelligent. A wizard would get a bunch of bonus languages from his intelligence score, but Simon can't even get one right. I might expand on that sometime in the future.
There's no hidden political statement one way or the other; "Enhanced Interrogation" just sounds a hell of a lot like a feat.

The archive restructure is officially done! I'm considering creating a small site to store all of the unedited strips, but for now, everything's up and running as it should be. I would love it if you look back through the archive and tell me what you think of the change.
This is the new official start to my comic! Thank you for taking a look; I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks once again to Simon, the person who inspired both the title, the character, and my comic making as a whole, for the first panel! He drew my first panel way back when I started, when this whole thing was a D&D spin-off of his comic, which came to a stop soon thereafter. In keeping with the idea of improving the early comics, I asked him to make me a new, digital version of the beginning he made. I'm very happy with it; it sets the tone perfectly.

This comic condenses the first seven into one quick read. I'm hoping to take out some slow patches, and some sub-par jokes. In the end, I'm aiming to make the beginning much smoother. Tell me your thoughts, one way or the other!

After looking at it, I decided that comic 8 fits perfectly fine in the comic, so it's staying in. That will make it comic two, and the current comic will be three numbers higher than it would have been. Expect a few more archive tweaks over the next couple hours, and then a brand new comic to top it off! Oh, and 30a's staying in too. I keep finding bonus comics I forgot to take into account.

Note: I made the upload date the day I first posted the hand-drawn version of my first comic for the hell of it, and also since I count that as my comic's anniversary. I actually uploaded it on June 21, 2013.
@DarkwingDork: =D Thank you! I'm always glad to hear that.
@DarkwingDork: Yeah. XD I can be pretty bad about that. A random comment once in a while can be just the kick I need to start back up, though, so thank you very much! =D
This is long overdue. It's been nearly a year since the last comic, and that one was after a similar drought. It's been a busy year, but now is hardly a time for an excess of excuses. As an apology to you, my readers, and to push myself to do more, I will post a comic every week, on Wednesdays. This is the first, and hopefully I'll be able to keep it going for quite some time.

This comic brings back Dave, a fan favorite. I sent him away back here, so he's been gone for a spell. I wanted to replace his daggers, since he was far too similar to Belkar from OotS. I was young and amateurish, so I'm not surprised I did, but I'd like to take steps away from it. Plus, a halfling using a gnome hooked hammer seems entirely fitting for his character.

Anyway, I'd like to give you all an apology for my absence. I'm sure I've lost quite a few readers over this, but those of you who are still here, and those of you new to this, are very dear to me. You're half the reason I keep writing these. It's a lot of fun, but hearing from all of you nice people make it that much more enjoyable. Thank you for your understanding and your combany.

Wow, it's been a while since I've done this. Over a year since the last WLiSB, and over half a year since the last OoGK. Suffice to say, I fell down on updating a bit. Various things came up, and my own laziness certainly didn't help. The length of this comic certainly didn't justify a year's delay, but it does explain why I was so unmotivated to continue at times. There was a secret project that took up what little time I did devote to working on writing, but that unfortunately fell through. Hopefully I can still do something with it at some point, but, failing that, I at least intend to show you what I did do. I'm a bit disappointed it didn't work out; I thought it was pretty cool.

That being said, I apologize for the remarkably extended delay. I hope a few of you see me in your subscription box and read once more, but I realize many of you won't. Thank you very much to those of you who read after a full year of delays; I appreciate you so very much.
I'm not too happy with this one. I can't do much more than further the plot with it.

Now that I'm thinking about the next, currently unmade comic, it's quite possible that I'll go into a bonus arc I've been considering for a while. We'll see...
I'm back! Monday and Friday updates as long as I can sustain it, which, knowing me, probably won't be too long. XD

Surprisingly, this comic very nearly had ten more panels. Eventually I realized that they weren't actually going towards a punchline, however, so I cut it back to these three and made it a bonus comic. A couple panels that were cut resurface in the next comic, and the rest weren't really very interesting, so it doesn't end up being that big a loss, however.
It's here! I know it seems that I missed some updates, but I was actually updating my other comic. Take a look if you haven't already! I've been sitting on this particular comic for a while now. So long that I forgot the idea, then remembered it recently. XD Thanks to Alli for help with the bushes. ;)
First of all, you deserve an apology. While I did warn you that there may not be an update on Friday, I actually had it done. My internet was down, however, and I decided that, rather than update later only to (probably) miss the next update was foolish, so I pushed it ahead to today.
Finally, goblins! But not as exciting as the building anticipation would have you believe.

So who knows if there'll be a comic Friday. We'll see.
Some people deserve some credit here. First is Effigy Power, who came up with a description of the attack so awesome I had to include it. Go check out her comic.

Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to Jacob Gristwood. He may not have invented Horatio, but he's certainly the best with him. Go read his comic. It's great.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The first panel has a reference to an AwkwardSuperPowers comic that was posted around the time I was making it. ASP is also awesome.
What? A comic? Here?

Yes, indeed it is. I just passed 10,000 pageviews on Deviantart, and so I'm celebrating with new updates! Expect them on Mondays and Fridays until I run out.

Plus, summer's coming up soon! About half of my current archives were made last summer, so expect great things! I might disappoint you! =P
Is it an official end to my hiatus?

No, it is not. But you're still getting a new comic, so hooray all the same!

Maybe you'll see a couple more in the next few days, but they will still be sporadic regardless.
I'm guessing you misunderstood me, although I haven't made the point all that clear, especially here. About two years ago I started drawing the comic traditionally, and about a year ago I made the switch to digital, and I've been catching up since then. Now that I've finished, the comics will hopefully be better quality, since there's only so much I can do to improve them when I'm just remaking them. You can check out the old ones on my deviantart, if you are so inclined.

I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it, and I'm certainly not unfamiliar to the perils of taking too much time off. XD I'm sure I'll be back soon.
Looks like this is a good news/bad news situation, so here goes. This is the last comic I had hand-drawn, so from this point onwards, every comic will be brand new, hopefully meaning that they will be much higher quality script-wise. The bad news is I'm resuming my hiatus. Yeah, I know. I want to see the new comics too. But there's no way that I'll be able to keep up a schedule with school going on. Updates will be sporadic, with the only schedule being "whenever I make a comic". Sorry, but thanks for reading! I'm sure I'll see you before too long with a new update!
Hehe, it's always fun to throw a random encounter at the players when they get too annoying. XD
Hopefully I'll have the next comic done by Friday, and I'll have more to say then.