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i'm an art student, im hoping to get into uni in illustration for graphic novels. so i thought i'd give it a go on here =P
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still here
Its still on going on my DA
site :)
i got lost with this site b/c the pages went wrong
i had to add them to it because i forgot to upload them.
if you click the next button the should be in order that way
MAjor screw up there sorry guys!!
everything should be in order and manage to get rid of chapter since it buggered me up
i just went with what happened to zelda. she didn't change. =/
so yeah it is being exagurated
i had a reason... but i may have forgot. i think it was to help with the storyline =/
yeah i did know. in this picture its just to be toon like and chibi ish
i guess i was hoping that she'd add some interesting twist to the story making it bit more interesting?
what im hoping to do is to make it so she's not dead weight and useless but i got to make sure she doesnt get marie-sue~ish if you get what i mean. but i am pushing it with a few things '~'
LoL kinda reminds me of ash from the old pokemon heheh POKEBALL GO!!
haha yeah its navi
yeah i gave her a loooong thing to say!
she got it when the wolf bit her it will be explained later on. who & what the wolf is will also be explained
she didnt originally have it. sorry =C
this is why redrawing the page after is a gd thing!
btw that guy there is fado i completely forgot what he looked like sooorrry!!!!!
m goin to add scans for a while mostly b/c since i've been cut off from the internet i have more than 50 pgs so forgive me for the unfurbished drawings after this =P
its a bit darker i thought i'd add some contrast to the scene to show that its getting darker. too much?
At last
sorry for the long update. had serious issues with the computer virus wize =C
sorry bout the glitch my bad =P thanks for the heads up tho Djoing
nd rainysidwalks im glad you like my tones im still practicing them atm but i do like this style <3
i like this style
atm the styles are being rather mixish i'm trying to find a way of shading that suits my preferance so heres another take at doing shades
the quick once over page
i kept the little pencilsketch in this one thought it looked empty otherwise
first page hope its not too cheesy new to the whole CAD i'm more of a traditional artist so sorry if it sux =P