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Just figured I'd stop by and say I fell in love with this comic immediately and am looking forward to see more of the story. Black and Violet make me think of me and my girlfriend when we first met thus far.
The suspense is killing me slowly!! ><
OMG this dragging out thing is driving me crazy!!>< I wanna know what Abel is gonna saaaaaay>~<
TT_TT So saaaaaaaad!!!*sobs in corner*
they're all so cuuute><
Rage quit of Eila? I'm here for the adorable Dake and Tommy love^^
Omg so sad ><
Sounds like you just need to take break from it for a few months.Put the comic to the side and every once and a while try drawing a page and see how it goes,but definitely take some time away from it.If fans leave cus the artist needed a break they weren't real fans.
I don't think kitty approves lol ><
Zomg cutest kelpie evar!!><
Can't wait for the new page^^ And you deserve every follower you've got, your amazing,Syrr is amazing and so is your art.
I like colour but that's just me...But all in all as long as it continues I don't care if it's coloured or whatever.
Restart if you want just please continue it.I love this comic and want to see it's end!