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Trying to entertian everyone.
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Much is he confusion
Gail's plan is gonna fail(Ha!). Rob doesn't even have a mustache. How do they plan to get past the guards without that!
Maybe you should try GETTING IN SHAPE GAIL!
Sean is, liek, totally a valid couple's counselor and will totes help you get your life together grrrl!
*Gail's phone rings*
Imagine a squad full of Gail
Yikes. Well, good luck with everything!
Hey Gail, can you make it before breakfast? I don't wanna be waiting for you all day.
Amber: "But..."
Max: "And Rebecca is also pregnant with my child."
Amber: "Wha-"
Max: "I also want a divorce."

Rebecca & Amber: "?!!!"
To be continued...
This breaks my heart
RE: Amiko_16
Now there's an innuendo for ya.
Can't a guy just get laid without having his friends questioning his every move as if he has some ulterior motive?!
Jeez, no wonder he's a psychopath!
Has she tried saying Jasper's name three times in front of a mirror?
All according to plan.
Well, well, well... Looks like a certain Doctor won't be keeping HIS job anytime soon, let me tell you that much!
Thankyou Gail.
You brought this on yourself Gail, you kidnapped Amber's cousin, so you had to....
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■
… pay the Price...
Yes... She's going to become a splendid hero. That pun was on point... It brings a tear to my eye...
We at the Super Villian Academy do, in fact, teach cool moves. However, since Sean is a lackey, we have taught him the essentials of scowling, making half-baked insults, and Masochism (That subject is meant to help henchmen deal with their bosses but it can also work for torture).

We here at Super Villian Academy would like to thank you for taking an interest in our school. We have taken the liberty of stealing all the money from your bank account for the information we have given you and would like to assure you that you are being watched as you are reading this.


I'm loving this interaction right now. This is the right amount of intensity, now all I need is Atty's response. I'm not asking him to fight in the name of friendship or anything, just... Just don't go out like a bitch Atty...