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Trying to entertian everyone.
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First he's working with a known criminal and now he's going out of his way to steal her child and daughter in law? Tsk! Tsk!
Sean is doing a good thing... Now Gail HAS to kick him out.
Little did she know, he was writing his fanfiction of him and her as the sole OTP of this world... He was at his 6th chapter, where their 38th child was recently born.
Good job Atty
Not just any theives buddy, but phantom theives!
Oh man, Sean's taking this pretty hard for someone who wanted the psyco out in the first place. Gail's right on this one, she didn't need to tell him jack.
What are you going on about Narrator? They've never had a real bond to begin with!
I'm really glad to see that, even after her outburst, George's still trying to reach out to Atty.
Much is he confusion
Gail's plan is gonna fail(Ha!). Rob doesn't even have a mustache. How do they plan to get past the guards without that!
Maybe you should try GETTING IN SHAPE GAIL!
Sean is, liek, totally a valid couple's counselor and will totes help you get your life together grrrl!
*Gail's phone rings*
Imagine a squad full of Gail
Yikes. Well, good luck with everything!
Hey Gail, can you make it before breakfast? I don't wanna be waiting for you all day.
Amber: "But..."
Max: "And Rebecca is also pregnant with my child."
Amber: "Wha-"
Max: "I also want a divorce."

Rebecca & Amber: "?!!!"
To be continued...
This breaks my heart
RE: Amiko_16
Now there's an innuendo for ya.