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I likes to write, draw, paint, and read. I also love to write things that people don't really... "like" I guess you could say. Things like murder, rape, law breaking, gayness, ect. so.. there's a warning about me... I guess.

Also me dA:
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    Mr. Sirius A. Heuer
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[= atleast i can update on here... as soon as i'm done w/ this comic i'm deleting the old verson. XD >_>;;; its really bad... I hope this verson is a lot better... ^_^; and its longer! [= Well, thank you for reading!! I'll try to update soon...

Sirius A. Heuer
Sorry for the sucky art. XD and yes, its those jerks. -_-; Poor kid needs better friends... >_>;; Anyway yay, I updated!

Sirius A. Heuer
cute piccie! [= had volume really loud, music scared the crap out of me. XDDD
]]= awww...
sorry its so plain.. >_>;;

I like how he looks there though.. <3 he's a cutie, eh?

Sirius A. Heuer

PS: his dad is a creep
what do you think of the dad's new look? i like it.. sorta fits him a bit more i think.. strict modern business man.. >_>;; i like i i shaded his eye area in the last panel.. [= ... I love tegaki, i do.. XDD sorry if no one else does.. <_<

Sirius A. Heuer
page 3
=D <3 page 3 now.. his mum is so much hotter here.. XD

Sirius A. Heuer
page 2.. =D look at those amazing hands! I havn't drawn them that good in a while...

Hope the few that read this are enjoying the remaking... ^_^;;

I'm redoing all of the comic, probably on tegaki. XD Once i finish one comic, I'm going to delete its older verson.

I redid my main guy here.. [= its weird to see what i've changed... how i will... ^_^;; hopefully you'll all like the art more.....

Thank you for reading!

Sirius A. Heuer
>_> i feel weird looking at these myself... I did these in highschool.. my art is envolving.....
I'm slightly confused... is Truffles a girl or a tranny, because there is a difference.. Well, being a tranny makes me think that way i guess.. ^_^;;

Sorry if i sound sort of jerky saying it like that but i'd just like to know, you know?

PS: either way i'm cool with it. [=
love it all <3
now i want tacos toooo.. XD
XD i love your characters<3
that last panal is awesome! XD made me giggle like a madman! <3 good job!
=D i love this comic! yay for updates!<3
so glad to see an update!!<3 I love the red lines and gray.. [[=
awww! Thank you! I will, you too!
XDDDD wow<3
My dad used to have a cat named Tom.. He always tried to molest kittens. o_o;

Lovely page as always! <3