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I love to draw, make stories, but I hate school.
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The dreaded Simon Test
A true test of skill right there.
It looks like Peridot can see through your bullshit, Yellow Diamond. :P
Oh crud...
Ha! XD That's really funny!
Smorty Smythe: the prequel to Scooby-Doo! XD
Norris & Chuck
Ha ha, clever!
The only thing sharper then her sword is her wit. XD
Looks like she really cleaned his clock!
Oh Rob! XD That was perfect!
Seems that it has no effect on rob.
I guess you could say he's a real...Joker. XD
I bet Yellow Diamond has it
Phyllis had the best fight scene, not gonna lie. XD
Yeah guys, come on. That's just rude...
That just makes it more justified when Phoenix has to bend the rules to get his Not Guilty!
@emjarhere: It's okay, dude! Your comic's worth the wait!
Steven is tired of their bullshit
The power of metal can never be underestimated.