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Glasses, blue eyes, dyed red hair. Art is my life hence why I'm here :D
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So apparently your fans love you and will always stick up for you, myself included. Your characters are your own, you have raised them for years and they have grown so much both in design and personality. There is so much plot in this story it's overflowing, true I would like to see more parts of it explained more but as you said you still have a whole other half of the story to complete that the plot can be expanded and explained in.

Above all else though Shea just know that you are an amazing artist and story writer and that this is a learning experience. Oh and that we all love you :D sound effect ever
OMG YOU KILLED KENNY!!! im mean Teddy haha*cry* he's not dead-dead for real is he? ( i love how we are all saying "dead dead" ). Also i like the sizzling effect and how the motions have hidden words!
Pokeball go! I choose you Teddy-chu!!! haha.

Joan could totally be a pokemon trainer she already has a charizard...sorta...and just like the one in the show! He doesn't listen to her at all!!! Crossover connections LOL XD (i think i'll make a pic of that)
panel 4, Sebastian's feet are so adorable and fidgety <3

it also seems that he forgot all about bringing the ring to Ariel haha XD
eek! no bueno! so basically while teddy is fast and BA (but with no fighting ability besides instinct) the two brothers are on par skill wise with their teamwork and battle skills...where is drake to help kick some butt?
September 20th, 2010
Haha yay, Teddy looks so BA! XD
September 16th, 2010
oh god last panel is hilarious! they have a lovely relationship haha
September 9th, 2010
Yay I love the personifications in Greek mythology!!! Hypnos and Thanatos are my favs. I love how you depict Zelus and Kratos here <3
haha yay Teddy has an angry face in panel one...or is that just a concentrated face? haha

and OHES NOES THE CROWS!!!! i hope they are a good sign cause they are already in trouble!
haha no not really, he's more of a teddy bear...HEY "Teddy" bear!!! ...okay not that funny but i still got a laugh outa it XD
That is probably the best face ever!!! I love hiddy-kins <3
i think the monopoly money kinda makes the page... XD

so i'm guessing Grave can kinda feel the ghost before they get there or something? *mumble mumble* yeah (if that is even a ghost, I DON KNOW MAN!!!)
Yay i guess right :D

the twin's faces in panel two...i want them!!!!
Yeah his eyes work really well for the 3rd, 3rd panel...whatever. I like your use of fore, middle, and background on this page...oh and the barging into the random lady's home, i like that part too haha especially since teddy apologizes, he's so sweet XD
OMG!!! he actually kept something that Tommy made for him?!?!? Come on Hiddy-Kins you can do it, write something for you little boy!!!!

on a side note i love Adalia's face in the first panel haha (and yes i got her name form the Paradox Wiki, i'm such a cheater haha)
...oh dear. Not good! Drake come and save them!!!

also i really like the fire light and how the shadows turned out and i kinda love Teucer's eyes, they really stand out compared to his brother's and the other two. I'd probably like him if he wasn't going after Teddy and Joan :]
XD hahahahahahahahahahha poor shira is so confused and flustered :D
and "over there" would be the direction that Drake went, is it not? looking all moody and grumpy and up to no good!
NO HADES DON'T DO IT!!!!! i actually don't think he's gonna do it but we'll see.