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Just an average, sixteen year old female creature, who's easily entertained by the stories in her head.
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Big Revelation?

~filled with joy and anticipation~
That sketch reminds me of the start of PMD2. Not that it makes it any less awesome, of course.
I love the way they're all linking together! And the perspective looks great, too. Even if I miss the one a day schedule, the increase in detail and quality is worth it.
That Growlithe seems pretty sad to be abandoning Diglett...

And also, school always beats internet comicing. I'd be really surprised if anyone lost interest in a comic this good just because the update schedule changed.
You draw Psychosis very well.

... art compliments can be weird.
Is it just me, or are these pages getting more detailed every time? The panels are all full and look great =)
I always named my Paras, 'Hilton'.

... sorry.
Poor Oddish. Gloom is not exactly what I would call 'stylish'... not with that much drool.
I love set up for the future comics~ And your dedication to us fans! You, sir, need some fanart >)
Lovely lovely colour~ and again, I love the way you give all the Pokemon you draw little details.
Hmmm... What do the new titles look like filled in? And this page was cute =) So, the next one is the conclusion of the Weedle's-Nidoran's story?
Random: You can draw trees? What? How? -bows to you-
This is oddly evocative. Good job, and I hope everything goes well for your friend.
Such nice colours! They're bright and clean and look perfect with this story.
Now, enjoy the updates. Alllll the updates.
ohmygod, Pokemon Snap. I - I loved that game. So much ;-;

Also, why are your pages tearjerkers, it's just mean ;-;

(And there should be a special category for fire and ground type swimmers)
The text does seem to match the page very well.

And now you have made me sad that there is no Cowboys and Pikachus movie. Maybe if I get Flash...
Oooh, colour AND new, pretty buttons?

I love the references to 'mons from previous strips, too.
... yep. That's the new favourite, right there.

I think I'm looking forwards to seeing what you do with the Nidoran lines~
"I think Fearow's gonna be my favorite page so far"

-refresh refresh refresh-