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Reid legion, GO VOTE!!
You can't hit a girl Bob!! But you can get them back in other ways.. >D
It's okay if you're busy! We can be patient for a comic as good as this! :3 Just don't overwork yourself D:.
Bob looks like he's about to open a can of whoop ass! >D

And I love storms ;o
You and Emi need to be happy! D:
That's still really good for doing it on a laptop that's small :o. I hope you get it fixed soon!

Anddd, aww Emi :c
Why are you nervous? D:
Paola better be getting Bob! D<
Emi's the boss!!!
D< they will pay
Yaaay =D I'm so glad for a new chapter! You don't have to push yourself so hard though like before haha.
oh noz. the betches are back D:
How chivalrous!
Yay for skipping classes for a cutie!
yey, it's ok we can wait :D. If you need to rest, rest x.x, you do a lot!
hahaha osm :3
Hahahaha, that last panel cracks me up XD!
It's not boring, it's great :D. Get rest and then you can do more later 83